Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mexico Disasters


Mexico DF - June 19, 1928
A boiler at a bathhouse exploded, killing 19 people.

Mexico DF - June 19, 1939
4 persons are killed as a aviation bomb falls and explodes.

Tampico, Tamaulipas - June 1, 1942
The oil tanker Cacalilao explodes in the Gulf of Mexico and sinks killing 5 and injuring 20, 5 crew members are reported missing

Near Mexico DF - June 4, 1942
A shell loading powder factory blows up killing 4 and injuring 11.

Near Mexico DF - January 23, 1942
An explosion at a secret arms laboratory kills 1 and hurts several.

Morelia, Michoacan - January 20, 1933
Carelessness in handling dynamite causes an explosion in the city that levels buildings and burns a hospital and dozens of homes. 23 persons are killed in the blast.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - September 1, 1939
LP gas tanks explode at birrieria La Jalisciense in the Mexicaltzingo neighborhood, setting off explosions in adjacent grain silos, causing fires and collapse of buildings. 16 killed.

Poza Rica, Vera Cruz - November 24, 1950
PEMEX oil refinery releases toxic gas cloud into neighborhood that killed 25 persons as they slept and sent 320 to the hospital.

Mexico City, Mexico - March 27, 1957
Gunpowder at an illegal fireworks factory near the Mexico City- Puebla highway explodes, leveling homes and businesses in two city blocks killing about 15 persons and injuring 235.

Bernet, Mexico - Jul 3, 1959
Petroleos Mexicanos oil pipeline blows up and kills 12, injuring 25

Mexico City, Mexico - November 28, 1961
A boiler and 5 natural gas tanks exploded at a nursery and women’s training school killing 15 persons and injuring 45.

Mexico - November 20,1962
A huge blast in a laboratory at a PEMEX oil refinery killed 20 workers and injured 50

Atlatlahuaca, Mexico State - August 24, 1964
Fireworks ignite gas tanks at side of masonry house during party and town celebrations causing them to explode. 45 persons killed.

Teteltzingo, Vera Cruz - June 6, 1964
Erratic firework ignites other pile of pyrotechnics and explode. 10 persons killed, 10 injured at town festival.

Ciudad de Puebla, Puebla - June 13, 1971
Fireworks explosion obliterates school, killing 13.

Sanchez Magellanes, Tabasco - November 2, 1978
12 miles of gas pipeline explodes under truck stop at crossroad, engulfing small restaurants and taco stands. 52 killed, 32 burned.

Guachinango, Jalisco - February 2, 1967
Fireworks and powder kegs stored at a house blow up in huge explosion during annual Dia de la Candelaria celebrations. 2 persons killed, several injured

Ciudad Jimenez, Chihuahua - July 1, 1972
An engine smashes into tank cars loaded with butane at the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico railroad station causing them to explode in huge fireballs. 15 killed, 800 injured, railroad station and nearby homes are destroyed in blasts.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - March 27, 1983
Industrial waste dumped into sewer by Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social clinic causes explosion that rips 6 city block long trench in Avenida Sierra Morena, and Belisario Dominguez, blowing cars and trees into the air and destroying homes. Dozens injured, deaths uncertain.

Santa Cruz de Tlapacoya, Mexico State - May 9, 1983
Fireworks and gunpowder stored in newly built church explodes during Dia de la Santa Cruz fair. More than 30 killed, dozens injured

San Juan Ixhuatepec, Mexico State - November 19, 1984
Tanker truck crashes and explodes, setting off more than 20 huge explosions in 8 spherical LP gas tanks. Explosions and firestorm engulf San Juanico neighborhood. 20 city blocks destroyed, and more than 600 people die, thousands injured, 10,000 evacuated from area

Mexico City, Mexico - December 11, 1988
Children playing with fireworks set off explosion in fireworks cache and start huge fire that races down narrow Corona Street at Mercado Ampudia candy market stalls crowded with Christmas shoppers at the La Merced Market complex
. 68 people dead, 50 injured.

Cordoba, Vera Cruz - May 5, 1991
Explosion and fire at ANAVERSA chemical plant releases toxic gas cloud into crowded neighborhood. 5 dead, dozens intoxicated.

Nanchital, Vera Cruz - April 13, 2005
Workers repairing pipeline accidently cut through a ammonia pipe, releasing the toxic gas that envelops a neighborhood. More than 900 evacuated and 6 workers killed, dozens intoxicated.

Calixtlahuaca, Mexico - October 13, 2000
Fireworks stashed in back of church explode. 4 killed, 33 injured

Tizayuca, Hidalgo - April 4 2001
Destilaciones Especiales SA de CV factory explodes and burns. 9 workers killed, 16 injured and 4 were reported missing

Platano y Cacao, Tabasco - February 25, 1995
3 devil traps explode in fireball at PEMEX pipeline. 7 dead, 17 injured, many homes destroyed leaving hundreds homeless.

Mexico City DF - May 2, 1997
Underground blast at Satelite Oeste PEMEX gasoline storage facility kills 2 workers and injures 5.

San Nicolas de los Ranchos, Nuevo Leon - April 4, 1994
Banco Mercantil del Norte bank branch blows up, killing 2 employees and injuring 13. 22 buildings damaged.

Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon - June 25, 1988
3 massive gas tanks at San Rafael PEMEX tank farm explode and cause huge fire. 4 workers killed, 18 injured.

Ciudad de Chihuahua, Chihuahua - May 24, 1988
Explosions at PEMEX oil plant kills 2 and injures 20. 10,000 evacuated.

Celaya, Guanajuato - September 26, 1999
Candy store storing 3 tons of fireworks and gunpowder explodes in huge blast that levels market and surrounding buildings. Fire touches off gas tanks at nearby restaurants and two more explosions follow, killing firefighters, police and paramedics. In all, about 70 killed, 348 injured.

Tultepec, Mexico - October 13, 1998
Fireworks and gunpowder explode at illegal firework making shop completely leveling 2 city blocks and only 16 are reported dead (although TELEVISA initially reported 150 dead)

Mexico DF - April 5, 1983
Gunpowder and fireworks explode at crowded Mixcoac market. 300 people injured and hospitalized.

Tizayuca, Hidalgo - February 5, 2002
5 female employees at Auto Manufacturas Brake are killed when oven that manufactures industrial material overheats and explodes. 7 other women injured

Poza Rica, Vera Cruz - May 30, 2002
Fire and explosions shake PEMEX oil refinery. 1 killed, 2 burned and 7 intoxicated.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - April 22, 1992
Gasoline accidentally leaked into city’s sewer system in the Reforma District causes dozens of huge explosions that rip open 8 miles of streets, destroying homes and businesses in a 20 block radius and swallowing vehicles and people. Official reports say more than 215 killed, 900 injured, 10,000 homeless. Unofficial reports say up to 3,000 persons died.

San Juan Ixhuatepec, Mexico State - November 11, 1996
Workers working with torches cause huge gasoline storage tanks to explode and burn at the Satelite Norte PEMEX plant. 4 workers killed.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - August 7, 1997
Gas explosion kills 9 workers at country club under construction.

Ciudad de Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz - December 31, 2003
Illegal fireworks explode at Mercado Hidalgo and cause fire that burns one city block, running down street crowded with New Years Eve shoppers. 30 killed, dozens injured.

Tabasco State - July 11, 2005
PEMEX pipeline explodes in the middle of the night, incinerating homes, vehicles and livestock. 4 persons killed.

Cuautlancingo, Edomex - August 6, 2005
Errant firework falls on a pickup carrying one ton of fireworks during religious procession. Pick up explodes along with another one following it, killing seven persons and injuring 12.

Tlacotepec, Guerrero- September 3, 2005
Sparks from a welder working on a home hit a hidden cache of illegal fireworks stored in the same room as drums filled with gasoline. Huge blast and fire obliterate building and next door video game parlor, killing 9 including some kids, and injuring 20.

Barrientos, Mexico - November 27, 1976
A gas line ruptured and exploded in flames killing 10 persons mostly children and injuring 76 others, the Red Cross reported.

Mexicali, Baja California - December 17, 1969
An explosion kills 7 persons

Mexico City - August 19, 1913
A runaway electric trolley car full of gunpowder crashes and explodes in the Mexico City suburb of Tacubaya. Inferno levels homes and businesses and kills more than 100 persons and injures about 250

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - March 11, 1974
Police and rescue workers say 10 people were killed in an explosion.

Coatzacoalcos, Vera Cruz - October 18, 2006
Gasoline tanker ship Quetzalcoatl explodes and burns while docked at the Pajaritos petrochemical complex. 8 Pemex workers killed in the blast.

Chilpancingo, Guerrero - December 11, 1993
5 persons are killed and dozens burned in an explosion at a Tortilla shop that occurred as gas tanks were being refilled. Eight homes are destroyed in the blast and fire that followed.

Cunduacan, Tabasco - February 5, 1994
10 people are killed and 20 injured in an explosion and fire at a PEMEX fuel depot

Nadadores, Coahuila - September 9, 2007
A truck carrying 22 tons of ammonium nitrate collides with Lobo truck on busy highway and burns. 30 minutes later it blows up, killing rescue workers, reporters and onlookers. 28 are dead, 150 hospitalized.

Veracruz state - September 10, 2007
6 PEMEX pipelines are sabotaged and blown up by EPR guerrilleros causing massive fireballs.

Villahermosa, Tabasco - June 11, 1984
A repair crew touches off an explosion on a PEMEX pipeline. Six were killed and injures 44


Guadalajara, Jalisco - July 6, 1941
Lightning strikes roof of Cine Montes movie theater, during showing of Vuelve el Charro Negro. Fire and roof collapse traps persons killing 87 persons mostly women and children.

Mexico DF - March 24, 1982
A fast moving sweeps through the Cineteca Nacional film center, destroying countless priceless Mexican film prints. 5 people die, 51 are injured in the blaze.

Mexico City, Mexico - November 28, 1948
Fire at La Sirenita hardware store kills 12 firefighters fighting 5 alarm blaze. 9 others died in explosion and collapse of building.

Acapulco, Guerrero - February 14, 1909
A fire breaks out in the reel room of the unsafe wooden Flores Theater cinema during its inauguration, roasting alive more than 350 persons and injuring scores.

Mexico City, Mexico - April 1923
Fire and crush for exits kill 22 at cinema.

Zacatepec, Morelos - June 4, 1939
22 persons are killed in a fire at a theater.

Tehuantepec, Oaxaca - January 14, 1954
12 members of the Hernandez family are killed in a fire and 2 persons are held for arson.

Ciudad de Veracruz, Vera Cruz - July 23, 1924
Fire and crush at Eslara theater kills 28 kids during a movie..

Mexico City, Mexico - September 15, 1951
Illegal fireworks show starts fire at Can Can nightclub crowded with people celebrating Grito de Independencia. 25 people killed by fire and stampede for exits, another 90 are injured.

Tijuana, Baja California - December 22, 1951
Fire at Christmas party for needy and orphaned children kills 41 and injures 98.

Ciudad de Tamaulipas, Tamps - October 11, 1966
Two story building destroyed and 12 persons from same family perish.

Antonio Escobedo, Chihuahua - December 8, 1979
Pre dawn fire races through small hotel in the Sierra Madre Mountains. 9 sleeping guests killed by smoke.

Mexico City, Mexico - June 13, 1980
Disgruntled customer that was overcharged and kicked out of second floor Casino Royal nightclub on Insurgentes Sur sets fire to stairwell leading to club. 12 killed, dozens injured in fire.

Mexico DF - July 7, 1981
Fire sweeps banquet room at luxury Hotel Camino Real after party for 2,800 ends. 2 employees die, 17 injured.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - December 13, 1988
Candle at a Virgen de Guadalupe shrine inside a prison dormitory at the Nuevo Leon state prison burns a curtain and starts fire that kills 20 inmates.

Mexico City, Mexico - May 29, 1991
Night blaze in Miravalle 18 story high rise near Parque Mexico kills 17 office workers. 20 others burned and rescued from roof.

Tijuana, Baja California - April 29, 1996
12 people die in fire at hotel for transients.

Central Puebla state - May 5, 1998
Forest fire kills 19 firefighters.

Mexico City, Mexico - October 19, 2000
Short circuit starts fire and explosions inside huge Lobohombo nightclub. Guards insisting patrons pay before fleeing, hamper escapes. 21 dead, dozens hospitalized

Mexico City DF - November 28, 1968
A huge fire at the Azcapotzalco PEMEX oil refinery injures 18 workers.

Mexico DF - January 18, 1967
A fire caused by a short circuit destroys at least one third of the interior of the Catedral Metropolitana.

Mexico DF - December 12, 1936
An explosion and fire caused by a burning candle at a fireworks plant kills 6 persons

Mexico DF - March 2, 1931
A fire traps the cast of a play and burns a curtain on the stage of the Teatro Principal theater during a midnight performance. Eleven bodies are found in the ruins, twelve others are seriously injured

Mexico DF - January 1, 1911
A fire swept a crowded church in the city killing 17 and injuring 80.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - May 30, 1932
Two nuns were a killed as a fire that started in a box of linen burned the Santa Maria church.

Mexico DF - March 18, 1981
A firefighter and two employees are killed and 18 others injured as a fire rips through the top floors of the plush Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel in downtown Mexico City.

Acapulco, Guerrero - February 12, 1968
A fire at a hotel packed with winter travelers kills 4. More than 20 injured as the fire burns the lower floors of the beachfront Hotel Majestic.

Mexico DF - January 28 1963
6 workers at the 18th of March Azcapotzalco oil refinery die in a explosion and fire.

Tijuana, Baja California - December 22, 1951
2 men fighting at a Christmas party for needy children knock over a christmas tree at the Coliseo, causing a short circuit and fire that kills more than 50 children and guests.

Hermosillo, Sonora - June 5th, 2009
A short circuit in a AC unit at the ABC Daycare Center causes a fast moving fire that kills 44 babies and toddlers. More than 50 more are injured


Near Guadalajara, Jalisco - July 10, 1973
Passenger bus plunges off mountain road into a ravine. More than 35 people die

San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco - August 31, 1954
Bus full of Roman Catholic pilgrims crashes and overturns on Guadalajara- San Luis Potosi Highway. Passenger looking for his lost luggage strikes a match and sets fire to everything killing all 35 passengers.

Celaya, Guanajuato - September 19, 1955
A speeding passenger bus overturns and rolls down a grade, killing 10 and injuring 26

San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca - December 21, 1958
72 market day visitors are killed and only 2 survive as their crowded speeding bus falls into a ravine near the Pan American Highway in Mexico’s worst bus accident in history.

Jalostotitlan, Jalisco - November 8, 1959
23 persons are killed as a crowded bus and a pick up truck collide head on a bridge then plunge into a raging river.

Tochutla, Mexico - January 23, 1966
20 child farm workers die in bus plunge

Guadalajara, Jalisco - April 20, 1971
Speeding bus plows into a group of passengers descending from another disabled bus, killing 8 of them and injuring scores.

30 miles north of Guadalajara, Jalisco - April 13, 1971
8 dead, 20 hurt as a speeding passenger bus crashes into an empty cargo truck.

Atlixco, Mexico - May 1, 1938
Truck crashes near city killing 10 and injuring 32

Ciudad de Puebla, Puebla - December 29, 1945
Two passenger buses collided killing 36 and injuring 29

Uruapan, Michoacan - April 28, 1947
A truck plunges off a cliff and burns killing 36

Cuernavaca-Acapulco Highway, Morelos - February 11, 1952
Truck crashes south of Cuernavaca, killing 17

Chonomas, Mexico - May 26, 1952
Truck overturns near city, killing 24 and injuring 26

Mazatlan, Sinaloa - October 11, 1955
A truck overturned on rural road killing 11.

Ciudad de Campeche, Campeche - February 4, 1956
A truck trying to avoid a cyclist smashes into a bus killing 14 people and injuring 20

Cuernavaca, Morelos - August 19, 1964
A truck plunged off a mountain road and into a ravine. 14 dead

Celaya, Guanajuato - December 29, 1966
24 killed as two interstate buses collide on highway outside the city.

Zempoala, Vera Cruz - August 20, 1964
Bus carrying religious pilgrims from festival goes out of control downhill and plunges into ravine. 20 killed, 30 injured.

Cuernavaca, Morelos - December 10, 1960
20 killed as bus overturns and burns.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas - January 11, 1960
29 die as bus falls over cliff.

Mexico City, Mexico - May 10, 1959
Train-bus collision kills 16 and injures 29

Caborca, Sonora - February 28, 1976
Train hits bus and kills 30, injuring 50

San Mateo Atenco, Mexico - June 29, 1974
A overcrowded bus smashed into a bridge pillar killing 29.

Tamaulipas State - June 15, 1954
13 are killed as a Tampico - Guadalajara bus crashes and its gas tank explodes.

25 miles NW of Mexico City - September 2, 1976
Bus plunge kills 15 and injures 30

Outside Mazatlan, Sinaloa - November 28, 1995
Passenger bus passing truck around blind curve smashes head on into another oncoming bus. 13 dead, 14 injured.

Ejido Santa Teresa, Coahuila - February 24, 1989
22 passengers are killed and 40 seriously injures as a passenger bus is hit by a freight train at a crossing

Near Mexico City - December 7, 1954
37 killed, and 38 hurt in a bus accident

Near Mexico City - October 8, 1954
10 dead, 13 injured in bus crash near the capital

Ciudad de Oaxaca, Oaxaca - January 4, 2001
Eight killed as buses collide.

Ocotlan- Zapotlanejo Highway, Jalisco - March 23, 2002
Speeding bus carrying 43 vacationers from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta runs off road and falls off bridge. Seven killed, 36 injured.

Near Pachuca, Hidalgo - March 31, 2002
Brake failure causes bus full of Semana Santa Easter vacationists to smash into pick up on crowded highway and plunge downhill. 12 dead, 36 injured.

Mexico DF - Cuautla Highway, Morelos - September 2, 1996
Premier Lines passenger bus with failing brakes speeds up going downhill and smashes into parked cargo truck and pick up at curve, slicing off roof and smashing into a tree.
23 passengers dead, dozens injured.

Autopista Mexico DF - Cuernavaca, Morelos - May 2, 2002\
Pullman de Morelos bus with failing brakes leaves road and plunges 73 yards into ravine. 12 passengers killed.

Near Desdavid, Hidalgo - May 4, 2002
Bus carrying Otomi indians falls off 2 lane mountain road and crashes into deep ravine. 17 killed.

Mexico City, Mexico - February 4, 1973
Overcrowded school bus turns over killing 18 and injuring 49 others.

Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato - January 10, 1965
Chartered bus taking soccer players and their families to a game develops engine problems and falls 450 feet into ravine. 19 killed, 22 injured

Cocula - Tecolotlan road, Jalisco - February 13, 1965
19 dead, 38 injured as 2 buses collide.

Ixtapan de la Sal, Guerrero - May 9 , 1965
Bus falls 450 feet into Calderon ravine and into river. 30 dead, 40 injured.

Teloloapan, Guerrero - September 6, 1965
Fire consumes bus. 30 dead

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca - May 25, 2002
Tour bus carrying PEMEX workers and their families to vacation to the Santa Cruz Huatulco beach resort smashes into a truck carrying salt. 14 killed in wreck, 16 injured.

Near Mexico City - November 2, 1965
Passenger train hits bus. 29 killed, 13 injured.

Near San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato - May 22, 1973
Trailer truck hits bus and kills 8 and injures 7

Near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - August 16, 1973
Bus collides with tractor trailer and car killing 16 and injuring 23.

Nr. Talpa de Allende, Jalisco - March 21, 1980
Jalisco Federal Highway Police report that a crowded bus full of Roman Catholic pilgrims ran off rain slicked rural mountain road and into 300 meter deep ravine. 41 persons die, mostly women and children. Later during rescue efforts, out of control big rig smashes into ambulances and police cars killing 2 cops and a red cross worker.

Tuxpan, Vera Cruz - January 26, 1982
19 die as bus plunges into river.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - April 7, 1980
A Norte de Sonora bus bound for Mexico City tries to go around slow moving truck and plunges off bridge, landing upside down. 48 are killed, 10 injured, near Rancho Viejo

Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco - December 12, 1980
Bus carrying Roman Catholic pilgrims headed to a Jalisco shrine to venerate the 449 anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin de Guadalupe smashes head-on into cattle truck. 37 die, 18 injured.

Between Magdalena - Tequila, Jalisco - March 6, 1984
Passenger bus full of vacationers bound from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta is hit head on by Kenworth cargo truck on curve. 28 dead, only one passenger who had changed seats prior to crash, survives.

Apaseo el Grande - Celaya, Guanajuato - December 21, 1984
Drunk driver and a front right tire blowout makes passenger bus plunge off highway overpass and into ravine. 27 passengers killed, 43 injured in crash.

Galeana, Michoacan - June 8, 1989
Highway bandits attempting to rob Galeana passenger bus shoot at windshield in order to get it to stop and kill driver. Bus plunges off road into deep ravine, killing 33 and injuring 2

Mexico City, Mexico - November 15, 1987
Engine stalls on Ruta 100 city bus crowded with high school students and commuters and plunges into sewage canal. 42 drown, 11 injured.

Puebla - Tlaxcala Highway - March 15, 1989
A speeding passenger bus attempts to pass a slower bus at a blind curve and is smashed head on by oncoming truck. 27 persons are killed in the disaster.

Naucalpan, Mexico - March 21, 1989
A bus carrying workers into Mexico City careens off the Naucalpan- Toluca Highway and plunges into deep ravine. 15 passengers killed more than 20 injured in crash

Chihuahua State - December 6, 1989
31 die as truck crosses into oncoming lane and hits bus. 6 injured.

San Jose Iturbide, Guanajuato- December 20, 1990
Speeding Flecha Verde interstate bus fails to negotiate curve on mountain road and plunges into deep ravine. 49 passengers crushed.

Near Talpa de Allende, Jalisco - August 17, 1994
Bus loses brakes going down hill near Cruz de Romero. Driver smashes side into rocks to attempt to stop it, and falls off curve into deep ravine during rainstorm. 14 passengers killed, 11 injured.

Cuernavaca- Mexico City Highway- April 29, 1995
Pullman de Morelos bus going 90 mph loses pops tire and smashes into divider. 15 passengers killed in horrendous accident.

Ciudad de Guanajuato, Gto - May 12, 1996
Bus loaded with roman catholic pilgrims plunges into canyon. 10 dead, 18 injured.

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Guerrero - November 9, 2001
9 Queretaro high school students on field trips to caverns die in horrible bus crash.

Campeche, Camp - November 20, 2001
7 mangled bodies recovered after PRI bus headed to Presidential candidate Francisco Labastida protest meeting crashes.

Outside Talpa de Allende, Jalisco - March 17, 2002
Speeding chartered bus full of Roman Catholic pilgrims leaving Virgen de Talpa shrine misses curve and falls off bridge into river, upside down. 40 passengers drown or are crushed in the accident. 10 injured, driver escapes.

Torreon, Coahuila - April 4, 1960
8 children and 2 adults die as a bus hits gas tank that fell off a truck.

225 miles N of Mexico City - December 23, 1978
Bus loses control on road and plunges down gorge. 16 dead,14 seriously injured.

Nr. Quiroga, Michoacan - October 11, 1999
6 dead, 21 injured as bus falls down ravine.

Nr. Valle de Bravo, Mexico - March 31, 1988
Zanatepec y Ramales bus plunges 100 feet off bridge and into Rio Paraje el Salto and splits in two. 14 reported dead, 26 hurt.

Santo Domingo Yanhuitlan, Oaxaca - April 12, 1996
Bus carrying teachers to demonstration rolls down mountain side. 6 dead, 39 injured.

Carretera Mexico-Queretaro, April 30, 1986
Bus carrying internationally renowned Sonora Santanera band members hit from behind by speeding truck. Bus crosses oncoming lane and hits car, falling on its side and skidding to a stop on the median. Carlos Colorado, bandleader and two bus drivers are ejected and killed.

Nr Los Mochis, Sinaloa - February 6, 1995
Two buses carrying rural farmers and their families home from shopping in the city collide. Roof ripped off one bus and 2 cars and a truck smash into wreckage. 30 dead, 43 injured in accident.

Nr. Ayotlan, Jalisco - June 22, 2002
Speeding Flecha Amarilla bus headed to La Piedad, Michoacan loses control on curve and overturns, plunging into 6 meter deep ravine. 7 dead, 30 injured.

San Nicolas Coatepec, Oaxaca - November 20, 1973
Overloaded bus loaded with religious pilgrims headed to Chalma Christ shrine plunges into ravine. Driver had been driving drunk and lost control. 15 dead and 40 injured.

Tultepec, Mexico - February 8, 1975
Bus hit by train. 29 killed, many injured.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - November 26, 2000
Speeding bus carrying farm workers from Oaxaca falls off freeway overpass at Calzada Lazaro Cardenas and Avenida Revolucion. 19 killed, 14 injured.

La Blanca, Zacatecas - August 20, 1995
18 persons die and 54 are injured as two passenger buses, one full of Roman Catholic pilgrims headed to the Santo Nino de Atocha shrine in Fresnillo collide in a rural fog shrouded road.

Sonoyta de las Flores, Sonora - January 2, 1996
Driver of Pacifico line bus falls asleep at wheel while speeding and crosses into oncoming lane hitting Norte de Sonora bus. 27 dead, 52 hospitalized.

Cancun, Quintana Roo - January 3, 1990
Sun tan tubes, tennis shoes and sunglasses scatter over road as tour bus carrying American and Mexican tourists to Chichen Itza maya ruins crashes into power pole, flips and burns. 23 are killed, many others injured.

Teziutlan, Puebla - January 27, 1996
13 dead, 50 injured in bus crash.

Torreon, Coahuila - March 9, 2000
2 buses and a truck hit each other on highway. 19 dead.

Zinapecuaro, Michoacan - August 7, 2002
Speeding bus carrying Luz del Mundo pilgrims to a conference in Guadalajara smashes through toll booth and hits pillar almost disintegrating and ejecting passengers all over the road. 33 killed, 12 injured.

Ciudad de Guanajuato, Guanajuato - August 9, 2005
A tanker truck loses its brakes down a steep street and plows into a bus full of sightseeing tourists. 10 persons killed, mostly Mexican and American nationals.

La Paz, Baja California Sur - April 2005
30 passengers are killed as a intercity bus collides with a truck and cars on a foggy road.

Tepic, Nayarit - June 30, 2003
Autotransportes Mezcala of Tepatitlan, Jalisco carrying vacationers from Nuevo Vallarta collides with a truck carrying cereal on the Chapalilla- Compostela road, killing 5 and injuring 23.

Near Los Mochis, Sinaloa - November 2005
A speeding tanker truck carrying Ammonium Chloride loses control at a curve and hits a Autotransportes de Guasave S.A passenger bus. Both vehicles turn over and roll down an embankment causing the chlorine to leak and kill all the passengers. 38 persons killed, 4 persons hospitalized in serious condition

Villa Hermosa, Tabasco - January 21, 2006
Interstate passenger bus from Mexico City to Merida, Yucatan, smashes into a wall and flag pole. 10 passengers killed, dozens injured

Near Atenquique, Jalisco - Summer of 1987
Autotransportes del Occidente bus from Guadalajara to Manzanillo runs off road at Curva de Sandoval into a ravine killing 18 persons

Atarjea, Sierra Gorda, Guanajuato - February 15, 2006
San Jose Iturbide-Queretaro Line passenger bus traveling at high speeds misses curve and plunges into a ravine killing 23 passengers and injuring 14.

La Rumorosa, Baja California - February 15, 2006
Passenger bus plunges off windy mountain road and into a ravine, killing 4 persons and injuring dozens.

Carretera Tototlan - Atotonilco, Jalisco - February 28, 1996
Chevy Cheyenne truck carrying 11 Franciscan Friars from the Basilica of Zapopan flips over and crashes, seven friars die at the scene of the accident, two more in hospital and two are injured.

Outside Pachuca, Hidalgo - October 14, 1998
Out of control big rig hauling cement bags smashes into pedestrians and food stands and into a house. 8 dead, 7 injured in incident that occurred near Tulancingo

Guadalajara, Jalisco - January 1996
An intoxicated big rig truck driver under the influence of several drugs speeds through the Periferico Sur beltway in the city, smashing into cars, pedestrians and food stands on the side of the road before coming to a stop at a red light after he plowed into dozens of stopped cars. He killed 5 people and injured several before nearly being lynched by motorists before police arrested him.

Amealco de Bonfil, Queretaro - April 22, 2000
Big rig crashes and trailer crushes truck carrying 18 people coming home from a funeral. 10 killed, 8 injured.

Morelia, Michoacan - July 1998
Bus hits empty tanker truck and a truck carrying frozen chicken. 7 dead, 20 injured.

Navenchuac, Chiapas - July 8, 2001
CDNCH government Dodge Durango smashes into a Cristobal Colon line bus, causing it to tumble into a ravine. 8 dead, 21 injured.

Outside Cruz de Elota, Sinaloa - April 15, 1987
Bus carrying students from doing scientific and agricultural projects is hit head on by a dump truck. 14 dead, 28 injured.

Monterrey- Reynosa Hwy, Nuevo Leon - August 16, 2001
Dodge Stratus, Ford Explorer and Ford Windstar van all collide, killing 7. Another accident on Monterrey-Saltillo Hwy kills 3.

Chiconcoac, Edomex - January 1, 2002
6 drunken teens killed as their VW bug smashes into pickup on Texcoco-Lecheria road.

Mexico City, DF - November 17, 1987
Engine on Ruta 100 bus carrying mostly high school students and commuters suddenly stops and makes it plunge off fog shrouded road into sewage canal. 42 bodies are recovered, a dozen are injured.

Guadalajara - Zapotlanejo Hwy, Jalisco - February 1, 2002
Speeding car carrying seven family members home from a Hospital visit smashes down embankment and into a stone wall, killing all.

Zapopan, Jalisco - June 1995
High school outing turns tragic when a pickup loaded with teens plunges into a canal killing 11.

Near Mazatlan, Sinaloa - April 11, 1978
A passenger bus ran off a mountain road and plunged into a ravine and killed 11, injuring more than 20, Mexican television reported.

Veracruz, Ver. - April 9, 1952
A truck loaded with Roman Catholic pilgrims plunges off mountain road and into an embankment, killing 40.

Oaxaca - October 16, 1978
23 persons were killed and 18 were injured when a bus on its way to an inauguration ceremony for hundreds of mayors plunged off a rural mountain road and into a ravine.

Veracruz, Mexico - March 25, 1967
14 members of a family drown as their car plunges into the Gulf of Mexico.

Huamantla, Tlaxcala - September 4, 1961
20 persons are killed as their truck crashes and plunges into a ravine

Iguala, Guerrero - December 19, 1968
20 of 47 passengers were killed as their Acapulco bound bus left the road and plunged 900 feet into a ravine while trying to avoid a speeding car.

Near Pachuca, Hidalgo - April 1, 2006
A city bus goes out of control and flips down embankment on the Mexico City- Pachuca Highway, striking a wall and a home. Nine persons die at the scene or in city hospitals.

Cumbres de Maltrata, Veracruz - April 17, 2006
In the worst bus accident in recent memory, 58 Pentecostal pilgrims returning from a Easter celebration in Tequila, Jalisco to Tabasco state die as their bus loses its brakes and plunges off wrong emergency ramp into a 650 foot ravine on the Orizaba - Puebla highway. Only three persons survive and are hospitalized in serious condition.

Empalme, Sonora - April 29, 2005
6 passengers die, 12 injured as a speeding Norte de Sonora passenger bus flips and crashes.

San Miguel de la Paz, Jalisco -
A Norte de Sonora bus from Mexico City to Guadalajara plunges into a ravine near Ocotlan killing 12 passengers and injuring dozens more.

West of Mexico City - March 27, 1982
A passenger bus collided with a tractor trailer truck that had crossed into the wrong lane on a rain slicked winding highway. Police reported 28 persons killed and 22 injured

Huetamo, Michoacan - May 5, 1982
9 religious pilgrims returning home from a pilgrimage to Puruaran are killed as their bus driver dozes off and the vehicle plunges off a 350 foot cliff.

Outside Teotihuacan, Mexico - July 14, 1982
A speeding bus smashed into a deserted home on the side of a road, killing 7 and injuring 20.

Tepic-Guadalajara Highway - January 29, 1983
22 passengers are burned beyond recognition as a bus traveling from Mexico City to Nogales, Sonora is hit by a truck and both vehicles plunge into a 30 ft ravine.

San Luis Potosi - August 14, 2006
A bus full of persons coming home from a party at a ranch is swept away in a rain swollen creek. More than 15 are reported dead and others missing.

Near Real del Monte, Hidalgo, August 2006
Bus plunges into rocky ravine, killing 20 passengers

Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit - October 17, 2006
Speeding Omnibus de Mexico passenger bus smashes into parked tractor trailer truck near a toll booth on the Tepic - Guadalajara Hwy. and burns. 14 persons die in the fire, 3 others manage to survive

Near Guadalajara, Jalisco - July 8, 1952
A bus and a cattle truck collide in a blinding rainstorm killing 10 persons and injuring 15

Cuautitlan, Edomex - December 30, 2006
A speeding bus tries to beat a cargo train and is hit violently and dragged hundreds of feet. 24 passengers are killed and dozens hospitalized, driver is arrested.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - December 1986
City bus trying to beat a cargo train from Ameca is hit on the side and dragged 100 feet. 14 are killed and dozens injured

Guadalajara, Jalisco - January 30, 1970
A speeding drunk driver smashes into a group of children picking up loose toys and trinkets from a previous truck crash on Periferico Norte. 8 kids are killed, dozens more injured.

Near Guadalajara, Jalisco - September 23, 1962
A Pacific railroad train smashed into a passenger bus 22 miles north of Guadalajara killing 6 passengers

12 miles east of Guadalajara, Jalisco - July 28, 1971
A bus carrying Mexico City vacationers veered into the path and rammed into a Tequila truck, killing 19 and injuring 32

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora - July 1998
A crowded family van falls into irrigation canal after driver is distracted by baby. A second car plunges into the canal shortly afterwards killing 2. In all 14 are killed, 9 of them children in bizarre accident

Outside Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - April 14, 2007
A speeding Omnibus de Mexico passenger bus strikes the gas tank of a trailer truck its trying to pass, exploding in flames and killing 28 passengers.

Tepic-Crucero de San Blas, Nayarit - May 22, 2007
A speeding big rig loaded with sand smashes into 2 toll booths and several vehicles, exploding into flames and killing 10 persons

Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon
An out of control tractor trailer loaded with metal tubes smashes into cars, pedestrians and businesses in downtown Monterrey suburb, killing 9 persons and injuring dozens

Guadalajara, Jalisco - February 18, 1969
A truck loaded with cans of alcohol crashed into a bus and exploded, enveloping several vehicles in liquid fire, killing 35

Near Tepic, Nayarit - July 23, 1966
Bus carrying workers to the united States plunges into a ravine, killing eight and injuring 30

Outside Tequila, Jalisco - March 5, 1985
A bus is hit by a tanker truck, explodes and burns, killing 25 persons and injuring a dozen.

Estado d Mexico - September 10, 2007
Speeding passenger bus full of Roman Catholic pilgrims from Zacatecas to the holy Shrine at Chalma falls down ravine, injuring dozens and killing 9 persons.

Compostela, Nayarit - September 16, 2007
A bus full of tourists and passengers from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara plunges into a 800 foot ravine, killing 18 and injuring 17

Magdalena - Tequila, Jalisco - October 13, 2007
Passenger bus from Guadalajara to Guayabitos smashes into a truck carrying salt. 15 persons are killed and a dozen injured in accident

Puebla - December 18, 2007
A dump truck with almost 100 coffee workers crashes at a curve and falls into a fifteen foot ravine killing 19 and injuring 60.

Huixquilucan, Edomex - January 29, 2008
The driver of a passenger bus, driving drunk, crashes his bus into a ditch and kills 12 passengers and injures dozens more near Campo Real on the Lecheria Highway.

Zitacuaro, Michoacan - December 30, 2007
A Ford Lobo carrying a family home from a hospital visit in Zitacuaro plunges off a bridge and into a boulder strewn crevice and river. 12 dead, 2 injured

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora - March 21, 1978
Two passenger buses and a car collide on highway and burn. 30 are killed and scores injured.

Santuario de Chalma, Mexico state - July 27, 1975
Bus carrying 60 Roman Catholic pilgrims to the Chalma Christ shrine loses control, plows into pedestrians, and rolls 200 feet down a ravine. 22 dead, 36 injured in accident

La Rumorosa, Baja California Norte - January 2, 2010
14 passengers are killed as a passenger bus runs off a winding highway road and down a rocky ravine.

Railroad Accidents

Tepic, Nayarit - July 11, 1982
Tijuana to Guadalajara express train hits rain damaged tracks, and several cars full of passengers crash and tumble down 90 foot ravine. 120 dead, dozens injured.

Outside Guadalajara, Jalisco - January 18, 1915
A crowded train carrying government soldiers and their families traveling from Colima to Guadalajara loses its brakes, careens out of control downhill and plunges into deep ravine. More than 600 persons are killed, 300 injured.

Sayula, Jalisco - March 22, 1916
Mexican Central passenger train full of rebels fighting the Mexican Revolution derails and kills 50 people. Enemy Federale troops later extract bodies and incinerate them, tossing them into a ravine

Encarnacion de Diaz, Jalisco - September 19, 1907
El Paso express train smashes into a freight train outside the city of Aguascalientes killing 63 men women and children and injuring more than 50.

Chirimoya, Guanajuato - November 10, 1916
Train carrying Carranzista troops derails near Celaya in the town of San Felipe, killing 40.

Mexico City, Mexico - October 5, 1919
Second Class train derails in city and kills 60 passengers.

Near Hacienda Manuel Chocoy, Tamaulipas - February 24, 1927
A broken axle on the tender of the Monterrey express train causes it to derail 45 miles from Tampico killing 40

Near Tlaxcala, Tlax - November 19, 1916
Veracruz bound express passenger train derails in huge disaster. 159 persons are killed

Near Empalme, Sonora - February 19, 1983
Passenger train smashes at full speed into the back of a freight train that had stopped to repair broken hose at a curve near Estacion Moreno, causing the wreckage to burst into flame. About 100 persons are killed, several American.

10 miles outside Creel, Chihuahua - October 10, 1976
Glass domed train packed with tourists and passing through rugged Sierra Madre mountain terrain in slams into a stationary freight train outside a tunnel. Red Cross reports 24 dead.

Mexico DF - December 22, 1938
Passenger train derails and 40 persons are killed, dozens injured.

Iguala , Guerrero - December 16, 1940
25 people are killed when a train derails in the mountains. 46 are reported injured.

Ciudad de San Luis Potosi, SLP - February 26, 1939
9 people dead, 20 hurt in derailment near the state capital city.

Sayula - Atenquique, Jalisco - Good Friday 1980
Passenger train full of Easter vacationers headed from Guadalajara to the resort city of Manzanillo derails and burns inside a mountain tunnel. Two engines uncoupled from rest of the train just in time preventing from entire train from falling into deep ravine. Hero engineer and his family killed, passengers just hurt.

Temamatla, Mexico - February 28, 1895
Ferrocarril Interoceanico del Pacifico train loaded with tourists and pilgrims returning from the carnival of Amecameca derails. 180 persons killed, dozens injured in horrific crash

Nogales, Sonora - April 16, 1979
18 passengers died after 2 locomotives smashed into a crowded passenger train.

Apizaco, Tlaxcala - April 29, 1985
Mexico- Veracruz train derails and incoming train smashes into wreckage at Estacion Soltepec. 18 persons dead, 75 injured

Veracruz, Ver - October 14, 1998
Commuter train and freight train collide. 5 dead

Near Aculzingo, Vera Cruz - October 10, 1999
Freight train derails and rolls downhill crushing home and falls into 100 meter ravine. 10 people die, one stowaway survives miraculously

Mexico - September 9, 1979
Train wreck kills 7 people

Cortazar, Guanajuato- June 5, 1957
Passenger train and freight train collide killing 24.

El Cazadero, Queretaro - February 1, 1945
National Railways train full of Roman Catholic pilgrims bound to the shrine at San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco is rear ended by a speeding freight train near El Cazadero station. More than 100 are killed, and 300 injured in collision

Gomez Palacio, Durango - September 23, 1955
A truck full of dynamite and munitions hits the Mexico City to Chihuahua express passenger train at the Guayuleras train crossing and explodes along with another explosive filled truck following behind it during the evening, blowing train off the tracks and killing more than 40 people in the train and living in homes near the crossing and injuring about 120 persons.

Near Culiacan, Sinaloa - April 5, 1955
13 Easter Sunday excursionists are dead in a passenger train derailment .

Near Estacion Tonilita, Jalisco - April 3, 1955
Night express train full of Easter Sunday vacationers from Guadalajara and bound for the Pacific coast resort of Manzanillo derails and plunges down steep canyon. 300 dead, dozens more injured in wreck

Belen de las Flores, Mexico - February 23, 1953
Two trolleys full of passengers collide head-on and derail. 64 killed, dozens injured in accident.

Mexico City DF - October 20, 1975
Subway Metro train full of commuters smashes into the back of another stopped Metro train at Viaducto station. 26 killed.

Between Guasave and Los Mochis, Sinaloa - August 9, 1989
El Burro train from Mazatlan to Mexicali derails and falls into San Rafael bridge into Bamoa river during a fierce rainstorm. More than 122 passengers drown in the engine and 2 submerged cars.

Cumbres de Maltrata, Vera Cruz - June 22, 1958
More than 40 persons killed as runway locomotives smash into village station near Orizaba.

Between Guamuchil and Guasave, Sinaloa - April 21, 1981
Passenger train traveling at high speeds derails and train cars overturn. More than 20 people killed, dozens hospitalized.

Near Saltillo, Coahuila - October 4, 1972
22 car passenger train traveling the San Luis Potosi - Saltillo line full of Roman Catholic pilgrims visiting Real del Catorce shrine loses brakes and derails at high speed at the curve on Puente Moreno. More than 250 passengers ( survivor estimates place the death toll at 1,200) killed in horrible accident and fire, caused by survivors lighting candles in the wreckage and accidentally setting blankets and wreckage aflame. Crew is accused of smoking marijuana and drinking, although it is later proven they were not and the old, broken train was at fault for the disaster.

Oaxaca, Oax - May 5, 1990
Passenger train running from Oaxaca to Mexico City derails in rural highlands and plunges into dry riverbed. 40 persons are killed in wreck.

Tacotalpa, Tabasco - December 20, 1964
Sleepy engineer of a freight train totally surrounded by fog, smashes into passenger train and flees into the jungle. 42 passengers killed, 75 injured.

Mexico City - February 27, 1954
23 persons are killed and 25 hurt as a runway railroad car smashes into locomotive.

Pomucho, Mexico - April, 3, 1954
11 killed, 43 injured in derailment

Outside La Barca, Jalisco - April 20, 1927
500 Cristeros led by a priest sabotage the rails and hold up a Guadalajara- Mexico City express train at the Limon Rail Station and slaughter military guard of 52, soak cars with oil and set it aflame and steal the Federal money, close to $50,000 pesos Men women and children are beaten or shot to death as they try to escape through windows. More than 100 die in butchery.

Near Yurecuaro, Michoacan - January 11, 1926
Bandits wreck a Guadalajara to Mexico City train and assault the passengers, sparing foreigners and killing 50 Mexicans, burning most of them alive.

Zacatecas State - April 18, 1904
Central passenger train headed from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez derails. 10 persons killed in the smash and 75 are injured.

Calpulalpan, Oaxaca - January 6, 1985
3 of 6 passenger cars on a train traveling from Mexico City to the city of Oaxaca derail in the mountains and 7 persons are killed and injuring 182 others.

Maltrata, Veracruz, April 16, 1979
19 persons are killed as locomotives smash into a passenger train

Guadalajara, Jalisco - July 10, 1977
At least 6 persons riding illegaly in a freight train bound for Nogales die and 30 injured as the 60 car train derails on a mountainside.

Near Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan - August 7, 1992
At least 5 dead and 270 are hospitalized as a National Railways of Mexico passenger train slams into a freight train.


Tehuacan, Puebla - November 19, 1991
Crew ditches out of control freight train barreling down on curve and derails, smashing into cars, trucks, buses and buildings, killing 55 persons and injuring dozens.

Torreon, Coahuila - October 1990
A building under construction collapses downtown killing 8 workers

Ciudad de Aguascalientes, Ags - May 13, 1988
Four story building being constructed on top of JT Romo Furniture factory suddenly collapses, trapping 50 workers in heap of rubble. About 32 men die, 20 hospitalized.

Mexico DF - December 1985
Faulty electric transformer falls during sudden rainstorm during posada Christmas party in vecindad, electrocuting to death 11 persons.

Mexico DF - December 4, 1967
The huge steel and concrete bridge being built over Tecamachalco canyon collapses during its finishing stage killing 51 workers and injuring 2.

Tizapan el Alto, Jalisco - December 26, 1996
Temporary bullring built at rancho for a rodeo collapses with more that 1,000 people on it, when a bull, tied to one of the supports, causes it to collapse, injuring 100 and killing a girl.

Merida, Yucatan - November 15, 1981
Teenagers climbing a 6 ft wall cause it to collapse, causing panic and stampede at the Merida plaza de toros during a political rally. 45 people die in stampede.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - January 31, 1965
Night fans entering Progreso bull ring collide with mass of day fans exiting cumbia music concert. 21 persons suffocate and are crushed to death in stampede, dozens more are hospitalized.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - January 1-4, 1968
Extended new years celebrations turn deadly as people drink adulterated tequila mixed with deadly methanol. More than 40 persons intoxicated and die, dozens more fill hospitals and clinics.

Tempoala, Vera Cruz - June 1983
Mourners attending the funeral of Doña Victoria drink adulterated aguardiente. More than 17 people dead, several others hospitalized.

Tzurumutaro, Michoacan - 1970’s
Huge brawl erupts during annual carnival celebrations in town. Townspeople kill each other with rifles, knives and machetes, and provoke fireworks explosion. More than 30 killed, 200 hospitalized. Fight had started with two men over a woman.

San Jeronimo, Mexico - 1980’s
Brawl erupts during inauguration of new market place. Truck hits pillar and causes roof to collapse. About a dozen people killed, other injured

Guadalajara, Jalisco - November 29, 1969
Dome and roof of San Luis Gonzaga church collapses on about 200 churchgoers during an inaugural mass. 27 people are killed, dozens more hospitalized.

Central Mexico - 1994
Dozens of persons die from drinking adulterated mezcal laced with deadly methanol.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - 1996
About 14 infants die from bacteriological infection in Pediatric ward in hospital.

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora - July 15, 1998
About 14 people die as their cars fall into canal and are washed away.

Chalma, Mexico - February 13, 1991
Thousands of Roman Catholic pilgrims trying to enter Santuario del Señor de Chalma for Ash Wednesday services get caught in narrow alley. 41 crushed to death in stampede

Los Mochis, Sinaloa - April 20, 1988
42 customers and employees held hostage at Banamex bank for 24 hours by 5 robbers armed with AK-47s who threaten to blow up the building. 4 dead, 12 injured in shooutout with police. Gunmen shower crowd with money and escape in armored truck as crowd surrounds them in a worldwide televised spectacle.

Tlaxcala State - August 14, 2002
Six teenage worshippers ages 13 to 15 walking in a religious procession celebrating the Virgin Mary on railroad tracks are mowed down and killed by train.

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco - September 1, 2002
More than 20 people are sickened and hospitalized after eating tainted birria at a restaurant

Tlalpujahua, Michoacan - May 27, 1937
A mudslide buries the mining ranches of El Carmen and Somosa, causing gasoline tanks to explode killing 70 and injuring dozens more

Morelia Michoacan - September 8, 2001
Six kids are killed and four others injured as they are struck by lightning during soccer practice at a park.

Mexico - January 15, 1981
One dead, 23 injured as massive power failure cripples Mexico City and darkens much of the country.

Veracruz, Ver - November 21, 1990
Hanging bridge collapses. 100 persons fall into river, 30 injured

Mexico DF - July 11, 1995
Televisa News Chopper “El Informoptero” hits power lines and smashes into a building exploding in flames and hitting cars in street. Three die, including award winning reporter Ricardo Peña

Near Mexico City - September 16, 1995
Six killed as four Mexican Air Force jets collide during Independence Day air show.

Chimalhuacan, Mexico - July 5, 2000
14 died after PRI candidate for mayor loses election. Dozens injured in massive street melee and riots.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - August 29, 1973
23 de Septiembre guerrilla sets off bomb at Jugueteria Ramar toy store. 6 people killed, dozens trapped and injured by fire and smoke

Morelia, Michoacan - October 19, 1969
18 children buried alive as village church buried in massive mudslide.

Naucalpan, Mexico - February 9, 1982
Broken water main causes mudslide that kills 10 in shantytown

La Luz, Oaxaca - Mid August 1990
10 die in rockslide and mud

San Felix Rijo, Puebla - January 3, 1965
New church roof collapses at dedication mass. 55 persons crushed to death, 63 injured.

Huaxtla, Jalisco - June 26, 1997
12 people killed in mudslide and flash flood

Mexico DF - May 26, 1985
Riot and stampede of fans trying to enter narrow tunnel at soccer stadium to see championship game killed 10 and injures 52

Mexico DF - August 26, 1982
Six subway construction workers killed, seven injured and four trapped beneath tons of dirt as 48 foot trench collapsed.

Mexico DF - October 27, 1985
50 injured, 680 treated for smoke inhalation at Pino Suarez subway station as trains rubber tires burn and cause heavy smoke.

Tijuana, Baja California - August, 23, 1982
Deadly fumes kill 7 people at local town well.

Tijuana, Baja California - September 26, 1967
Mass poisoning of hundreds of people traced to accidental use of toxic pesticide Parathion during mix of bread. Seventeen deaths reported, mostly children, 300 treated.

Coixtlahuaca - Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca - December 14, 1995
Part of Cuacnopalan-Oaxaca highway tunnel under construction collapses. 13 workers buried under tons of dirt. 12 die, 7 injured

Mexico DF - May 21, 2001
Two light rail commuter trains collide at Xochimilico- Tasqueña line. 1 dead, 40 injured

Fresnillo, Zacatecas - January 22, 1966
Carbon monoxide poisoning from a gasoline powered heater kills sleeping wedding guests at a ranch house. All 14 persons die

Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, Mexico - 2000
Retaining wall holding back sewage canal breaks during rainstorm flooding town in sewage and excrement. Hundreds homeless, 10 dead.

Mexico DF - February 26, 1983
3 people crushed to death at “Menudo” concert at Plaza Mexico. Others hospitalized.

Iztaccihuatl Volcano, Mexico - February 3, 1966
29 students from Guadalajara Instituto de Ciencias on a hiking field trip are caught by surprise by a fierce snowstorm. 11 teens freeze to death.

Mexico DF - May 30, 1987
Early season rains cause mudslide in slum. 15 dead.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - September 27, 1988
Six story apartment building on steep hillside collapses after Hurricane Gilbert weakened its foundation. 3 dead, 3 trapped.

Xalapa, Vera Cruz - November 29, 1962
Political rally erupts into stampede after public speaker invites a crowd of 3,000 to candidates house. 24 dead, 33 hospitalized.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - August 7, 1985
Spoiled sour cream at street taco stand causes mass food poisoning. 81 sickened and hospitalized in serious condition

Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon - November 9, 1987
Seven people crushed to death, another 30 injured at La Fama Social Center in suburb of Monterrey. 8,000 had been packed into dance hall.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - February 15, 2002
71 Mayan Palace Hotel employees intoxicated and hospitalized after eating ceviche made with spoiled fish.

Xilitla, San Luis Potosi - July 9, 1944
80 hurt when moving picture theater balcony collapses.

Near Merida, Yucatan - October 27, 1943
36 dead and dozens are hurt as a church staircase collapses under heavy weight.

Uruapan, Michoacan - November 7, 1940
Stand at a bullring collapses killing 5 persons and injuring 20.

Tangancicuaro, Michoacan - May 8, 1946
A temporary bullring collapses killing 12 and injuring 150.

Coahuila State - 1997
16 dead as Ferris wheel collapses at fair.

Mexico DF - October 12, 1937
A grandstand at a soccer game collapses killing several and injuring dozens.

Mexico DF - April 15, 1937
Ten people are hurt as part of the floor collapses at the Catedral Metropolitana.

Michoacan State - Mid April 1999
More than 200 are sickened with food poisoning and hospitalized some in serious condition.

Ecatepec, Mexico - May 6, 2002
Crazy man plows his truck into a crowd of toddlers and teachers during flag ceremonies in front of school, 2 tots dead, 3 and 4 years old, 22 others hospitalized.

San Pedro Actopan, Mexico - October 10, 1982
Bullring built for 600 and holding 1,500 collapses as people rush to one side to watch bullfighter arrive by helicopter. 6 dead and 350 injured during annual festival del Mole.

Comitan, Chiapas - December 2002 to June 2003
26 newborns die due to negligence at ISECH Regional Hospital.

Boca del Rio, Vera Cruz - October 22, 2000
Half ton of confiscated illegal fireworks explode at military base killing 4 and injuring 18

Mexico City - May 2, 1977
120 kids hurt as balloons explode during celebration at Olympic velodrome. President Jose Lopez Portillo attending, but not hurt in blasts

Mexico DF - 1991
12 dead, more than 30 intoxicated as tanker truck carrying chlorine crashes in the Olivar de los Padres neighborhood in delegacion Alvaro Obregon

Mexico DF - July 30, 1940
12 are reported dead and several more hurt after the roof of a theater collapses, crushing those below.

Jalisco State - January-February 2002
State government warns consumers about eating beef tainted with the chemical “Clembuterol” used to fatten up livestock and is harmful to humans. 54 persons intoxicated after eating the contaminated meat.

Tacotalpa, Tabasco - March 20,2005
A hanging bridge 80 feet over a low level river and rocks suddenly snaps while crowded with Palm Sunday religious pilgrims on their way to a celebration. 6 dead, 30 injured.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - 1830
An outbreak of cholera kills around 2,000 people.

Cancun, Quintana Roo - August 9, 2005
Part of a huge shopping center under construction collapses, entombing dozens of construction workers. Three men killed, five missing, 12 are hospitalized.

San Jeronimo, Guerrero - July 29, 2005
Ex soldier goes berserk and stabs to death his wife and infant nephew and goes on a shooting spree with an AR-15 downtown, shooting and aiming to kill. 10 persons slain, 3 injured in murderous rampage.

Ameca, Jalisco - November 7, 2005
3 city workers taking down a temporary tent at a CETIS school hit high voltage power lines and are electrocuted to death.

Zelya, Mexico - April 4, 1888
Panic and a stampede after a bullring tent burns. 18 dead.

Nanche, Mexico - August 28, 1927
Rebels drown in unknown war disaster, killing 20.

Bahia de Campeche, Camp. - November 18, 1998
22 PEMEX oil rig workers are killed as helicopters flying them from Akal E to Akal O oil rigs collide.

Tlaxcala State - 2000
10 persons die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in two homes during 2 separate Exorcisms.

Jamay, Jalisco - April 7, 2001
Drunk driver hits family walking on the side of a road, killing all 8 of them.

Mexico City, DF - April 25, 1975
Bandits shot their way into a bank with machine guns and stole about $12,000. 15 persons, including 10 policemen were killed in the robbery and chase that followed.

Mexico DF - June 4, 1976
6 police officers are killed and 6 wounded as two car loads of gunmen drive by and open fire with machine guns during roll call in the suburb of Ciudad Azteca.

Ahualulco de Mercado, Jalisco - March 14, 1933
A high tension power cable short circuits and breaks and hits a balcony railing inside the crowded Hidalgo movie theater electrocuting 20. Another 30 men women and children are trampled to death in the panic that followed, and 123 are injured.

Mexico City DF - April 3, 1926
5 persons are killed and 92 hurt in the collapse of a crowded movie house

San Luis Potosi, SLP - August 23, 1951
Torrential rains in the mountains of San Luis Potosi state cause a dam to break and flood several villages. Wall of water kills at least 30 persons and many as 20 more are missing and presumed dead.

Arandas, Jalisco - September 2, 1980
Weeks of torrential rains cause a dam to burst and flood the Los Altos region in Northwestern Jalisco. About 100 persons are killed in the flash flooding.

Mexico City - December 26, 1955
A false cry of fire inside a crowded movie theater causes a rush for the exits and a mass crush that kills 13 persons.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - April 5, 1931
The postmaster of the city of Guadalajara and the mayor of a nearby town shoot it out in a duel which ends up with both killed and 2 more dead.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - May 20, 1931
A foreign substance was found in milk sent to a orphan asylum. 400 were poisoned.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - Jan 21, 1932
Two men are killed in a duel

Near La Piedad, Michoacan- August 22, 1977
Mexican troops and policemen blocked the path of a hijacked Flecha Amarilla bus from Mexico City and 10 persons were killed in a shootout and explosion of a grenade held by one of two hijackers. Another 10 persons were injured.

Vera Cruz - March 28, 1934
4 killed, 10 hurt as part of staging collapses at the City Hall.

Santa Ana, Nuevo Leon - May 16, 1946
28 persons are injured and several homes are destroyed as a meteorite hit’s a remote village.

Mexico DF - September 25, 1982
30 ton steel beam drops 16 feet from the roof of a baggage area being built at the Mexico City International Airport killing 3 workers and injuring 4 others.

Montaña, San Luis Potosi - August 3, 1981
A train carrying hydrochloric acid derails after pulling into the remote mountain village station too fast and leaks the deadly poison. 18 persons are killed and hundreds more are intoxicated by the acid fumes.

Acultzingo, Veracruz- December 7, 1993
A speeding bus smashes 4 cars into a group of people visiting a roadside Virgin of Guadalupe shrine. 14 are dead and more than 50 are injured in accident.

Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, Jalisco - January 27, 1998
60 are injured and dozens hospitalized as a temporary bullring crowded with hundreds of people, collapses during a fiesta.

Hunucma, Yucatan - February 13, 1955
14 persons were killed and 165 injured as a temporary bull ring came crashing down

Tecamachalco, Mexico - March 26, 1930
9 workmen were killed and dozens injured during the collapse of a dam under construction

Toluca, Mexico - December 25, 1953
Christmas Day panic and stampede when the lights fail during midnight mass at the crowded village church of Temoaya, kills 23 men women and children and injures 200

Allende, Mexico - September 29, 1995
The roof of closed down condemned Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez school collapses on top of a group of men scavenging for materials. 6 are killed, 3 injured.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa - January 6, 1998
The roof of a fish cannery under construction collapses under the weight of wet concrete. 2 workers killed 15 are injured and 17 are reported missing in accident.

Mexico - April 30, 1998
A drunken Mexican air force officer plows his car into a group of jogging soldiers, killing 13 of them and injuring a dozen.

Venado, San Luis Potosi - December 31, 1991
At least 30 members of the Mount of Olives evangelical protestant church at El Charquillo cooperative farm are gassed to death due to a leaking butane gas lamp. Some took the gas poisoning effects as a “sign from God”. Only 2 persons survive by crawling out of a broken window.

San Miguel Eloxchitlan, Puebla - July 4, 2007
A huge mudslide buried a bus on a rural mountain road, killing 37. There were no survivors.

San Cristobal de la Barranca, Jalisco - July 2007
A group of evangelical Christians are swept away while performing baptisms in a river. A dam upriver opened its doors causing a surge . 15 persons drown, several more injured.

Mexico City - May 4, 1955
A shower of flaming chemical solvent from a plastics factory enveloped a bus stopped at the gates, burning six passengers to death and killing another 6 at the plant.

Mexico City - June 20, 2008
A disastrous police raid at the News Divine nightclub in the Gustavo A Madero borough ends in a stampede. 12 persons die, including 3 police officers, dozens are injured.

Morelia, Michoacan - September 15, 2008
2 Zetas toss 2 fragmentation grenades into a crowd in Morelias main plaza during Independence Day grito celebrations. Blasts kill 8 and 130 people are hospitalized.

Mexico City and La Gloria, Veracruz - April 23, 2009
A Swine Flu epidemic is declared in the capital as more than 100 persons die and 1500 are sickened. City shuts down schools and public functions as states report more outbreaks and deaths. As of June 10th, 70 countries reported Swine Flu cases, 27 deaths in the US, and more than 20,000 sickened around the world as the WHO prepared to declare a global pandemic.

Mexico City, DF - September 9, 2009
A deranged Bolivian minister armed with a fake bomb hijacks Aeromexico Flight 576 from Cancun to Mexico City with 112 people aboard and demands to talk to President Calderon. Drama ends an hour later as Federal police storm the jet and subdue the hijacker.


Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - September 20, 1929
30 drown as a storm smashes a launch in the Bay of Banderas

Lake Chapala, Jalisco - March 26, 1889
More than 50 excursionists drown as the steamer Ocotlan sinks. Only 20 bodies are recovered, none survive.

Lake Chapala, Jalisco - December 30, 1943
15 persons drown during an excursion as their launch sinks in the lake.

Tizapan el Alto, Jalisco - October 7, 1930
10 persons died and 5 were lost when a Picnic boat sank during a sudden storm on Lake Chapala

Yucatan Peninsula - November 2, 1965
39 bodies of Cuban refugees are recovered from beaches after their flimsy boat sank

Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche - December 14, 1985
PEMEX oil rig ship sinks in rough seas. 32 dead

Lake Chapala, Jalisco - October 7, 1930
10 picnickers drown as their boat overturns

Progreso, Yucatan - June 2, 1995
At least 28 drown as tourist boat capsizes and sinks during Navy Day celebrations.

Gulf of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca - July 14, 2000
Raft full of Guatemalan immigrants sinks, killing 22.

Minatitlan, Vera Cruz - August 4, 1988
Ferry carrying night workers home hit by a barge on Coatzacoalcos River. 16 dead.

Off the coast of Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas - October 20, 2000
20 Guatemalan refugees down as their raft sinks

Off the coast of Guaymas, Sonora - January 1, 1990
14 Americans celebrating New Years die as their yacht overturns in rough waters

Cabo San Quintin, Baja California - February 5, 1987
Fishing boat capsizes killing 16, but only 3 bodies are recovered

Off Isla Socorro, Colima - October 11, 2000
11 Asian refugees die as their boat is rammed by a Mexican fishing boat.

Bahia de Huatulco, Oaxaca - July 23, 2002
Fishing boat caught in rough waters is smashed against rocks and sinks. It may have been carrying tourists from Mexico City. 10 missing, presumed dead.

Tenosique, Chiapas - January 19, 2002
Salvadorian Immigrants on a barge drown as it capsizes in Usumacinta River. 14 dead, and 16 survive.

Coasts of Oaxaca - November 2007
25 Central American refugees drown as their flimsy raft that left a Guatemalan port overturns, 12 are rescued.


Arteaga, Michoacan - September 19, 1985
Huge 8.1 earthquake strikes on the Pacific coast of Michoacan at the mouth of Rio Balsas at 7:19 am. Cathedral collapses on church goers in Cd.Guzman, Jalisco, killing 200. Great devastaion in Mexico City as homes, hospitals, hotels, government buildings and apartment towers collapse. 10,000 killed, and thousand injured.

Mexico City - September 20, 1985
Another big aftershock from the 8.1 earthquake hits at 7:37 pm measuring 7.3 wreaking more havoc, killing rescue workers and injuring more people.

Yucatan, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas - September 22, 1988
Category 5 Hurricane Gilbert strikes Caribbean coast of Mexico and Gulf of Mexico killing at least more than 200 persons, as buses and homes are washed away. Many killed in Cancun, Monterrey, Cadereyta Jimenez and Matamoros.

Acapulco, Guerrero - October 13-15, 1997
Killer Category 4 Hurricane Pauline hits resort city and Oaxaca state, creating huge floods that wash away entire neighborhoods and bury hundreds in mudslides. 450 or more reported dead.

La Paz, Baja California - September 29 - October 2, 1976
Category 4 Hurricane Liza hits Guaymas, Sonora and the northern part of Sinaloa causing massive flooding before slamming catastrophically into La Paz causing a dam to burst. More than 600 people are buried or drowned, in all more than 1,200 die.

Sinaloa and Baja California - October 1995
Hurricane Ismael strikes killing 91 persons and causing extensive damage

Tampico, Tamaulipas - September 17, 1955
Hurricane smashes into Veracruz and the port city of Tampico, killing 250

Acapulco, Guerrero - November 11- 13, 1961
430 dead as Hurricane Dara slams into the coast.

Tampico, Tamaulipas - September 25, 1933
400 are killed in storm

Southern Mexico - October 1999
More than 620 persons reported killed in flooding in Tabasco, Veracruz, Chiapas and Puebla states. A Huge landslide buries Teziutlan, Puebla killing 104, Thousands homeless.

Tequila, Jalisco - July 25, 1976
26 killed as rain swollen Arroyo de la Virgen ravages neighborhood during a cloudburst.

Ocotlan, Jalisco - July 7, 1973
More than 30 killed, many more are missing and 27 are hospitalized when a massive cloudburst hits the towns of Ocotlan, San Juan Mezcala and Itzacan at the edge of Lake Chapala. Flooding also reported in Guadalajara and over 1,200 are left homeless

Chiapas State - October 1998
More than 300 dead in heavy rains and flooding

Guadalajara, Jalisco - May 10, 1967
Heat wave hits city killing 70 persons mostly children.

Durango State - May 29, 1968
More than 70 persons die from a heat wave. All of the victims are children

Manzanillo, Colima - October 27- November 1, 1959
2,000 are killed as Category 5 Hurricane Ariel hits Manzanillo and all of Colima and causes floods in Jalisco. Another 800 are killed as mudslide buries Minatitlan, Colima and another 200 are killed by scorpions, snakes n tarantulas unearthed by the mudslide. 1,000 died in Zacoalpan, Colima by a mudslide then by mass flooding, Half of the homes in Cihuatlan, Jalisco are destroyed by winds and water. In all 2,500 to 5,000 are dead in huge storm.

San Luis Potosi, SLP - 1935
San Jose dam breaks , washing away towns and villages. More than 230 people killed

Irapuato, Guanajuato - August 22, 1973
A dam burst during torrential rains in central Mexico, wiping out thousands of homes in Irapuato and submerging the city in seven feet of water. 300 people are killed and thousands homeless.

Nayarit State - 1926
2,000 persons die in floods as Santiago river overflows and ravages countryside

Northern Mexico - January 1984
Hundreds die in Coahuila, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and Durango due to freezing weather.

Tehuacan, Puebla - August 28, 1973
650 killed in 6.5 earthquake. Buildings collapse in Cd. Serdan and Orizaba Veracruz.

Manzanillo, Colima - October 9, 1995
Huge 7.3 quake hits pacific resort, ravaging the port and Cihuatlan, Jalisco. Hotels collapse, and homes crumble. Damage also reported in Puerto Vallarta and Autlan.
More than 70 dead, and dozens hospitalized.

Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca - October 23, 1980
63 people die in Michoacan and Oaxaca as 6.5 earthquake hits.

Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca - June 15, 1999
Strong 6.7 earthquake hits central Mexico. Heavy damage in Ciudad de Puebla and rural Oaxaca towns. 30 dead

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca - September 30, 1999
7.1 earthquake hits coast. Damage and panic in Mexico City and Oaxaca. More than 40 dead

Acapulco, Guerrero - July 28, 1957
Strong earthquake ravages Mexico City causing buildings to collapse and the Angel de Independencia monument to come crashing to the ground. 200 killed.

Mexico City, Mexico - January 13, 1902
300 are killed in huge earthquake.

Southern Mexico - November 29, 1982
Nine persons are killed in strong, quick earthquake.

Veracruz state - June 16, 1928
Quake hits and causes damage and death

Pacific coast of Jalisco and Colima - June 4, 1932
Massive 8.1 earthquake strikes, Cathedrals and buildings collapse in Jalisco, Michoacan and Colima, entombing hundreds. 300 are killed, thousands injured

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas - April 3, 1982
El Chichon volcano after being dormant for years, violently erupts hurtling ash , rock and lava. Villages and towns obliterated in pyroclastic flow and ash and , killing about
1,700 people.

Arandas, Jalisco - September 2, 1980
Torrential rains cause a small but aging dam to break, unleashing a flash flood that kills around 100 persons.

Mexico City, DF - January 11, 1962
First snowfall in 50 years kills 34 persons in city and outskirts.

Sinaloa State - December 14, 1943
Floods kill more than 30 people

Chalchihuites, Zacatecas - April 6, 1925
About 200 villagers are killed as a thought dead volcano suddenly erupts and destroys villages and ranches as the ground opens up and massive quakes hit the area.

Atenquique, Jalisco - October 16, 1955
About 100 persons killed, 500 injured as a huge landslide buries town during heavy downpours caused by a Pacific hurricane.

Chiapas State - September 25, 1968
15 dead, 500 injured in a big earthquake.

Xochilapa, Guerrero - May 10, 1929
60 persons die as forest fire burns down village on Mothers Day

Xalapa, Veracruz - January 6, 1920
Huge quake destroys Couztlan and kills 1,000 persons, more in surrounding area.

Bavispe, Sonora - May 3, 1887
42 dead in a strong earthquake that topples homes.

Zapotlan el Grande, Jalisco - March 26, 1806
Many reported dead, and 2,000 said to be buried and trapped in the rubble of main cathedral after huge earthquake strikes.

Acapulco, Guerrero - May 28, 1784
Dozens dead after tsunami hits port city after earthquake.

Orizaba, Veracruz - July 26, 1937
34 dead in huge 7.7 earthquake. Hundreds injured.

Petatlan, Guerrero - February 22, 1943
7.5 earthquake hits southern states. 75 persons reported dead

Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca - August 2, 1968
Many dead, thousands injured in strong 6.3 earthquake. City of Pinotepa damaged severely.

Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco - June 7, 1911
45 killed in destruction of Ciudad Guzman as 7.7 quake hits Jalisco and Colima. 45 more killed in Mexico City.

Aguililla, Michoacan - August 25, 2005
River overflows during torrential rains and flash floods kill more than 15 persons, others missing, dozens homeless and injured.

Leon, Guanajuato - June 25, 1926
Santiago and Gomez rivers overflow and the Coecillo dam bursts destroying half of the city and drowning more than 100 persons and countless animals. The cities of Salamanca and Celaya are also reported destroyed.

Actopan, Mexico - June 3, 1935
The Actopan river overflows flooding villages and killing 400.

Pachuca, Hidalgo, June 25, 1949
A flash flood hits the city killing 54 people.

Tamaulipas State - August 23, 1951
The cities of Ciudad Valles, Tampico and Cardenas are ruined when 6 rivers overflow after hurricane rains, leaving 260 people dead.

Chalchihuitillo, Durango - September 6, 2006
Torrential rains cause part of a hillside to give way burying three homes in a rural Indian village. 10 persons are killed, 3 are injured.

Ciudad de Guanajuato - July 4 1905
A sudden cloudburst and overflowing of La Olla dam cause massive flooding that drown about 200 persons.


Guadalajara, Jalisco - October 14, 1977
Gang of trustee inmates attempt to attack rival gang of guerrillas inside the Penitenciaria de Oblatos. Guerrillas and 500 inmates counterattack, hunting down the trustees and killing them all in a horrible manner. 14 are said killed in bloody riot, eyewitnesses say more than 100 slain in uprising.

Tijuana, Baja California - September 14 -17, 2008
Police violently retake La Mesa State Penitentiary after a bloody riot by inmates killed 3. Ensuing shootout and bloodbath ends with 28 prisoners killed and dozens injured.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa - July 2, 1996
12 prisoners are killed in a violent riot at the Sinaloa State Social Readaptation Center (Cereso)

Almoloya de Juarez, Mexico - December 16, 1993
Inmates fight gang of fellow prisoners that had extorted them and bullied them. More than 22 die in bloody rebellion inside prison dormitory.

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas - February 20, 1992
Shootout by rival gangs erupts inside prison that kills 5 inmates and injures scores of others.

Morelia, Michoacan - July 14, 1988
Attempt to escape the CERESO de Morelia goes awry and inmates shoot it out with cops at the entrance. 12 inmates killed.

Tepic, Nayarit - December 22, 1988
Inmates take hostages and riot over being denied Christmas visitation rights. Nayarit state officials declares emergency and elite Zorro assault team sent from Mexico City. They take over the prison and brutally massacre the inmates and some hostages. More than 30 are shot, some execution style and Zorro leading commander also killed in shootout.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - February 8, 1987
More than 30 inmates overpower guards at the Sinaloa State Penitentiary and take over armory at an attempt to flee the prison. Bloody shootout ends in 4 inmates killed and others recaptured, some manage to escape.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa - March 2005
Dozens of inmates try to escape the penitentiary at Los Mochis and engage in shootout with cops. 4 are killed.

Apatzingan, Michoacan - January 6, 2005
25 armed men pretending to be AFI federal agents take over prison and free 25 inmates among them 4 Zetas working for drug traffickers.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - May 5, 2005
9 inmates associated with drug lords escape the penitentiary in Sinaloa’s capital. 4 are killed and 2 recaptured.

Chetumal, Quintana Roo - Janurary 31, 1994
Rival gangs fight at state prison and the fight erupts into bloody riot. 8 dead.

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora - July 13, 1991
1 dead, 9 injured as 100 inmates riot at the Sonora state prison, setting buildings ablaze and battling each other.

San Luis Potosi - February 6, 1989
Inmates riot and burn down part of the penitentiary resulting in one dead and the escape of 40 prisoners.

Ciudad de Chihuahua - July 3, 1990
Dozens of inmates riot and 66 escape state penitentiary. 4 dead, dozens injured in melee.

Matamoros, Tamaulipas - May 18, 1991
Notorious mafia kingpin Oliverio Chavez Araujo leads bloody insurrection against rival inside CERESO after being shot by him a week prior. 18 of his rivals are slaughtered, dozens injured in riot.

Outside Ciudad de Oaxaca, Oaxaca - March 1997
Two rival gangs battle it out at the Santa Maria Ixcotel penitentiary armed with pistols, machetes and knives. Bloody images broadcast on live TV. Seven inmates killed, 22 injured.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa - November 22, 1989
Escape of the Century. 97 inmates escape prison thru a tunnel and flee to the sierra. After massive manhunt , only three are recaptured.

Torreon, Coahuila - January 13, 1995
Riot erupts during visitation at Cereso de Torreon. Five inmates killed in bloody riot , 36 injured.

Tamazula de Gordiano, Jalisco - August 1, 2002
Dozen inmates take guards hostage in an attempt to escape the municipal jail. Seven people killed in violence.

Guasave, Sinaloa 1983
Miguel Angel Beltran Lugo, “El Ceja Guera” escapes Penal de Bachicorato prison along with 7 inmates.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - May 5, 1995
Inmates riot to protest conditions inside the Puente Grande maximum security prison. Police open fire on some. Violence leaves 6 dead and dozens injured.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - October 8, 1986
Miguel Angel Beltran Lugo, “El Ceja Guera” escapes along with 36 inmates from jail.

Morelia, Michoacan - August 4, 1949
11 inmates are killed in a riot and prison break at the Michoacan State Penitentiary.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas - October 2008
21 inmates are killed in a gang clash. Some are incinerated, others mutilated or shot to death.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - March 5, 2009
A gang fight at the Centro de Readaptacion Social (Cereso) kills more than 20 inmates.

Gomez Palacio, Durango - August 13, 2009
18 inmates are killed as rival drug trafficking gangs riot and shoot it out at the Cereso, setting blazes. Dozens more injured

Ciudad de Durango, Durango - January 21, 2010
Group of inmates attack incoming rivals at Cereso prison in Durango city. 24 inmates die and a dozen hospitalized.


Near Maravatio de Ocampo, Michoacan - March 31, 1986
Mexicana de Aviacion Flight 940 from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Los Angeles suffers a tire burst 5 minutes after takeoff causing fire in undercarriage and cabin. Jetliner burns and explodes, crashing on Cerro el Carbon near Rancho Pomoca.

Ciudad de Chihuahua, Chihuahua - July 27, 1981
Aeromexico Flight 230 from Monterrey to Tijuana lands at Chihuahua airport in heavy rain. Jetliner skids off runway into a field and breaks apart and burns. 36 passengers killed, and 36 injured.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas - October 6, 2000
Aeromexico jet flying from Mexico City lands at airport in heavy rain. Plan runs off runway and smashes into homes and cars at the end of runway, 4 killed, 50 injured.

Near Toluca, Edomex - September 9, 1978
18 passengers and crew killed, 3 survive as Lineas Aereas del Centro De Havilland DHC- 6 Twin Otter 100 crashes and burns.

Nr. Cofre de Perote, Vera Cruz - November 13, 1946
15 dead inc rash of Empresa Comun Aerea de Veracruz DC- 3 crash.

Leon, Guanajuato - December 28, 1947
Servicio Aereo Panini DC-3 jet crashes, 6 killed

Nr. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - March 25, 1954
Aeromexico DC-3 crashes and 18 are killed.

16 miles NE of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - October 10, 1953
No survivors as PEMEX DC-3 charter jet crashes in a ravine. 20 dead

Mascota, Jalisco - March 8, 1955
Mexicana de Aviacion DC-3 covering the route Puerto Vallarta- Guadalajara crashes into a mountainside. All 26 aboard killed.

Leon, Guanajuato - June 18, 1955
Tigres Voladores jet crashes near El Bajio airfield. 18 dead, no survivors.

Near Oaxaca, Oaxaca - July 14 , 1955
Twenty Two dead as Lineas Aereas Unidas DC-3 crashes

16 Km E of Guadalajara, Jalisco - June 2, 1958
Aeromexico Lockheed Constellation bound for Mexico City loses altitude in rainstorm and smashes into Cerro la Latilla near Tlajomulco de Zuniga. All 65 aboard perish.

Puerto Kino, Sonora - April 17, 1959
Tigres Voladores jet blown out of the sky by bomb placed in lavatory. All 26 on board dead.

Juchitepec, Oaxaca - September 28, 1960
Mexicana de Aviacion jet crashes and eight of eighteen aboard are killed.

Acapulco, Guerrero - August 13, 1966
Six aboard Aeromexico DC- 8 are killed in crash

Mexico DF - February 9, 1967
Cubana de Aviacion jet blows up in the air and all 10 aboard are killed.

Near Mexico DF - April 10, 1968
Aerovias Rojas DC-3 jetliner crashes killing 18

Near Ensenada, Baja California - December 26, 1968
All 12 aboard DC-3 dead in crash

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas - December 31, 1968
No survivors as SAESA Airlines DC-3 jet crashes. 26 dead.

Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon - June 4, 1969
Mexicana de Aviacion 727 jet from Mexico City to Monterrey smashes into Pico del Fraile and burns. 79 on board die including PRI senator Carlos Madrazo and famous tennis player Ricardo “Pelon” Osuna.

Poza Rica, Vera Cruz - January 25, 1970
Convair CV- 240-Z owned by Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) crashes and all 19 on board are killed.

40 km from Chetumal, Quintana Roo - January 6, 1972
Jet crashes in Yucatan jungle after crew reports fire after taking off from Chetumal. All 23 in plane dead.

Otay Mesa, Baja California - October 28, 1979
Procuraduria General de la Republica jet hits power poles and crashes and bursts into flame. 10 prisoners and guards on board die.

Mexico DF - October 31, 1979
Western Airlines jet from Los Angeles red eye flight lands on runway closed for repairs and hits contruction equipment with one of the wings, smashes into runway, skidding and exploding upon hitting airport warehouses. 72 dead, 16 injured.

Tepic, Nayarit - July 7, 1980
Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) hospital plane crashes in jungle. 13 on board dead.

Sierra de Guerrero - November 8, 1981
Aeromexico jet loses pressure and nose dives into jungle. 18 killed

Los Mochis, Sinaloa - January 29, 1986
Aerocalifornia DC3 from Villa Constitucion, BC to Los Mochis diverted to Las Lomitas due to fog. On way to Las Lomitas it loses altitude , crashes into a mountain and blows up. 21 dead

23 miles SE of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - June 20, 1973
Aeromexico DC-9 from Houston vanishes in fog and crashes into mountain peak and explodes. All 27 on board perish

Toluca Highway, Edomex - July 30, 1987
Belize Air cargo jet with prize winning horses on board bound from Miami clips poles and tress upon takeoff. Jet crashes into 8 lane Autopista Toluca - DF hitting motorists and a restaurant. More than 60 killed, dozens injured.

Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan - August 31, 1988
Transporte Aereo Federal commuter jet from Uruapan crashes into Sierra Madre during rain. 20 dead, no survivors.

Chichen Itza, Yucatan - May 5, 1989
AeroCozumel tourist plane crash lands in jungle. 6 dead, 13 injured

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas - May 10, 1990
21 pilgrims on Aviacsa jet to see Pope John Paul II die as plane crashes into sorghum field and explodes. 18 survive.

Uruapan, Michoacan - June 13, 1994
Aerolineas Cuahonte plane crashes and 9 are killed.

Piedras Negras, Coahuila - October 30, 1995
Transportes Aereos de Coahuila SA Cessna jet crashes and 9 are killed, 2 survive.

Santa Maria de Otates, Durango - May 10, 1996
Aeroservicios Empresariales de Durango jet carrying coal miners crashes and burns. 16 dead, 3 survive.

Tzararacua, Michoacan - November 9, 1999
TAESA DC-9 taking off from Uruapan bound for Mexico City after originating in Tijuana and stopping in Guadalajara explodes and crashes into avocado orchard. All 18 on board are killed.

Villahermosa, Tabasco - July 7, 2000
Aero Caribe turboprop jet from Villahermosa to Tuxtla Gutierres, Chiapas crashes in dense jungle during storm, killing 19.

Chichen Itza, Yucatan - September 12, 2001
20 are killed as Aeroferinco jet carrying Americans nose dives into jungle.

Talpa de Allende, Jalisco - February 6, 1969
A twin engine jet bound for Tepic, Nayarit crashes into the woods and kills 8 passengers and the pilot.

Tepic, Nayarit - June 6, 1973
11 persons are killed in a plane crash

Colima - February 24, 2005
Governor of Colima, Gustavo Vazquez Montes and 7 others die as his executive jet smashes into a fog shrouded mountainside.

La Quemada, Zacatecas - September 19, 2003
A Mexican military Hercules cargo jet hit homes and crashed near a mountain village and exploded, killing all six aboard the plane

Zacatecas State - February 9, 1991
4 American doctors and priests and 1 Mexican physician on a medical mission, die when their private plane crashes in remote mountainous area of the state.

Near Morelia, Michoacan - June 28, 1991
Seven persons were killed when their light plane crashed near a remote mountain village.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - July 5, 2007
A small cargo plane cannot lift off from Federal Bachigualato Interenational Airport and plows into the Culiacan- Navolato highway at the end of the runway, hitting a army hummer and several vehicles, killing 9 people and injuring a dozen in a ball of flame.

Mexico DF - November 4, 2008
A Lear Jet 45 carrying Minister of the Interior Juan Camilo Mourino, assistant Attorney General Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos and staff crashes into a crowded street and explodes in the Lomas de Chapultepec posh neighborhood. 14 are killed total, 5 on the ground.


Las Esperanzas, Coahuila - June 28, 1903
Coal Mine Number 3 La Conquista burns and kills 22 miners. Mining town also burned to the ground.

La Esperanza, Coahuila - January 9, 1943
8 killed, 16 hurt and 57 miners are trapped in a tunnel after a coal mine blast near El Oro.

San Juan de Sabinas, Coahuila - February 27, 1908
Explosion at Rosita Vieja Tiro 2 coal mine kills 200 miners

Coahuila, Mexico - February 7, 1901
87 workers are killed by an explosion of several hundreds tons of dynamite at a mine

El Hondo, Coahuila - January 31, 1902
135 miners dead in coal mine blast after hitting a gas pocket, none survive.

Palau, Coahuila - September 30, 1908
Another 100 miners are killed in a explosion in an underground coal mine.

Muzquiz, Coahuila - March 30, 1909
An explosion at a coal mine entombs 38 miners

Las Esperanzas, Coahuila - February 2, 1910
A miners lighting a cigarette against mining rules causes a massive blast inside the Palau coal mine that kills 68 workers and injures 50.

Pachuca , Hidalgo - March 11, 1920
A fire at El Bordo coal mine kills 136 miners. Fierce fire and toxic gases make rescue work impossible.

Palau, Coahuila - December 24, 1925
42 miners are dead, several injured in Christmas Eve tragedy at a coal mine.

Nueva Rosita, Coahuila - December 22, 1936
36 workers killed in a mine explosion and fire.

Nueva Rosita, Coahuila - May 29, 1973
11 miners die in an accident in an underground coal mine

Palau, Coahuila - October 3, 1939
69 miners are killed and 2 injured in a huge explosion at a coal mine.

Villa de Las Esperanzas, Coahuila - January 25, 1988
Explosion and fire traps miners underground at Las Esperanzas Cuatro y Media coal mine. 38 dead, dozens hospitalized .

Barroteran, Coahuila - March 31, 1969
More than 153 miners are trapped 600 feet below ground after a huge explosion at the Altos Hornos de Mexico S.A. coal mine. Toxic fumes and gases unable rescuers from reaching them and the mine is sealed off.

Near Ciudad de Guanajuato, Guanajuato - November 3, 1938
2 miners killed and 20 buried alive when mine shaft collapses.

Angangueo, Michoacan - April 26, 1953
30 miners are killed in a cave-in and fire inside a silver mine. Another 50 to 60 were reported trapped by fire and smoke.

Nueva Rosita, Coahuila - September 29, 2001
A gas explosion kills 12 miners at La Morita coal mine.

Melchor Muzquiz, Coahuila - January 23, 2002
Miners digging at La Espuelita coal mine hit an abandoned pit full of water that floods the mine and causes a cave in. 13 miners reported killed

San Juan de Sabinas, Coahuila - February 19, 2006
An huge methane gas explosion and cave in at the Unidad 8 Pasta de Conchos coal mine injures 13 miners, some critically and traps another 65 hundreds of feet underground. All 65 miners are confirmed dead 8 days later.

San Andres de la Sierra, Durango - February 8, 1901
More than 100 men are killed in an explosion of several tons of dynamite at a coal mine. Mining town also obliterated in blast.


San Jose Acoculco, Hidalgo - January 14, 1982
Peasants stumble upon 14 badly decomposed and mutilated bodies and a human head floating in the Tula River. They had been bound and gagged, tortured and shot to death. They were Colombian bank robbers and their Mexican taxi driver, killed for not sharing their loot with Mexico City’s infamous police chief at the time, Arturo “El Negro” Durazo.

Acteal, Chiapas - December 20, 1997
45 Indian villagers praying in a church in a rural mountain hamlet are massacred by pro- PRI anti-Zapatista gunmen.

Nicolas Bravo, Chihuahua - August 12, 2001
Men shoot it out with AK-47 and AR-15 rifles after a dispute at a rural horse race. 6 are killed, 3 injured.

Nochistlan, Zacatecas - April 20, 1911
3 Perez relatives are shot to death by members of the Garcia family after a dispute at a horse race.

Nochistlan, Zacatecas - April 20, 1991
Another bloody shootout at a horse race between members of the Perez family against the Garcias, 6 dead.

Nochistlan, Zacatecas- 2000
4 members of the Rodriguez are shot dead and 2 Perez are dead in a massacre at a horse race.

Mexico City, DF - October 2, 1968
More than 300 student protestors shot and bayoneted to death by army and Olympia Battalion sharpshooters at the Plaza of the Three Cultures in the Tlatelolco housing complex. Men hiding in dark spots in the Chihuahua apartment tower initiate massacre by firing at army; army thinking the protesters were armed opened fire on them. Official government death toll: 29

Mexico City, DF - June 10, 1971
Sangriento Jueves de Corpus massacre. Student protest march from Universidad Autonoma Nacional de Mexico UNAM down Paseo de la Reforma crushed by police paramilitary squad, The Falcons. They open fire and beat up students with long sticks killing 17 and injuring dozens.

Leon, Guanajuato - January 2, 1946
27 Sinarquista protestors arguing voter fraud are massacred by Army snipers perched atop the Government Palace.

Congregacion de Sanchez Taboada, Vera Cruz - October 31, 1985
21 police officers on a drug raid find marijuana cache and are surprised by drug traffickers, tortured and brutally killed. Their bodies are found later dumped on the side of a road.

San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato - January 24, 1964
More than 91 skeletons of men, women and fetuses found buried in Rancho El Angel serving as a clandestine brothel. Sisters Delfina, Eva and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez “Las Poquianchis” tried for the murders of useless prostitutes, their infants, and johns who were robbed of their money

Outside Cordoba, Vera Cruz - October-November, 1991
After shooting to death ruthless cacique Toribio Gargallo Peralta along with 5 of his gunmen on October 10, police find 26 skeletons in wells at his ranch.

San Ignacio Rio Muerto, Sonora - October 23, 1975
200 soldiers under the command of Francisco Arellano Nobleja open fire and massacre 7 people and wound 16 as they try to kick them out of private lands

El Limoncito de Ayala, Sinaloa - February 14, 2001
Armed gunmen raid hamlet in the sierra and round up men and teenage boys at birthday party into back of cargo truck and open fire on them with AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles. 12 men killed, 3 survive massacre by feigning death.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - January 23, 1993
Car full of Arellano gunmen open fire on car occupied by Chapo Guzman henchmen stopped by police in the discotheque zone of the city. Ensuing shootout between drug traffickers kills 13 people, mostly innocent bystanders and 3 police officers.

Matamoros, Tamaulipas - May 5, 1983
2 carloads of men armed with AR-15 assault rifles burst into Clinica La Raya to kill hospitalized mafia kingpin Casimiro Espinoza Campos and open fire, killing 2 doctors, 2 cops and a woman. Espinoza escapes unharmed but dies later of earlier wounds.

El Sauzal de Romero, Baja California - September 17, 1998
Arellano Felix team of killers round up two families that grow drugs for rival cartel in two houses at dawn and forces them up against a wall in the patio and open fire on them. 18 men, women and children killed.

Matamoros, Tamaulipas - April 14, 1989
Police find burial pits and shed full of human remains and bodies at Santa Elena ranch. More than 13 mutilated bodies found and unearthed, victims of a satanic drug dealing cult.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - November 8, 1992
40 armed gunmen working for Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin Guzman Loera and Hector Palma Salazar storm Christine Discotheque at Hotel Krystal Vallarta and open fire on the Tijuana cartel’s Arellano Felix’s table. 20 minute shootout and grenade explosions kills 6 men, and injures a dozen club patrons

Guadalajara, Jalisco - May 24, 1993
Arellano Felix gunmen engage in an intense 15 minute shootout with Joaquin Guzman Loera and his men in the Miguel Hidalgo International Airport parking lot, mistakenly killing Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo and his driver. 2 gunmen and 3 bystanders also die in shooting.

Santiago de Ajoya, Sinaloa - May 10, 2002
Mafia hitmen open fire with assault rifles on people attending Mothers Day party killing 12 and injuring several.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - June 11, 1994
Tijuana cartel plant car bomb in front of Camino Real Hotel at a party celebrating the quinceañera of Karime Fernandez Quintero, a relative of jailed drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero. Several important mob bosses attending party were target. Blast kills 5 persons and injures a dozen. Mob bosses escape unharmed

Aguaprieta, Sonora - April 15, 1989
Police find 11 bodies of men and women, bound, gagged and tortured to death in a well and in a septic tank in an abandoned ranch. Mafia murders suspected.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - October 9, 1991
8 Arellano Felix hit men ambush Mazatlan drug kingpin Manuel Salcido Uzueta “El Cochiloco” truck at a stop light at Avenida Obsidiana and Lapizlazuli. He is shot more than 80 times, his daughter and driver also killed, another daughter survives being shot 9 times with automatic gunfire.

La Palma, Chihuahua - March 26, 2002
Rival drug trafficking families Rivera Piña and Carrillo-Carrillo engage in bloody shootout at a dance party. Seven men dead in gunfight

San Francisco del Caiman, Nayarit - July 3, 2002
15 PAN sympathizers riding in a pick up truck ambushed on rural road by men armed with AK-47s hiding in the bushes. 5 dead, 6 wounded.

Outside Acapulco, Guerrero - February 9, 1993
40 men armed with AK-47’s and AR-15’s open fire on three trucks carrying the Peña family home from a funeral on isolated road. 24 are killed.

Outside Culiacan, Sinaloa - September 28, 1978
Clave 7 army and police assault team ambush and kill Sinaloa drug boss Pedro Aviles Perez. 4 associates and two women traveling with him also shot to death, execution style.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - January 28, 1976
Sinaloan drug lord Lamberto Quintero Payan, uncle of Rafael Caro Quintero, is riddled with automatic gunfire from a passing car as he has his back turned, talking to his mistress.

Culiacan - January 30, 1976
Lafarga gunmen and Quintero hit men engage in a half hour shootout in downtown Culiacan, leaving more than 20 dead.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - January 30, 1976
Gunmen trying to kill Eleodoro Elenes, friend of Lamberto Quintero storm Clinic Santa Maria where Quintero had been taken after his shooting and engage in bloody shootout that kills 10 men.

Mexico City, DF - April 29, 1993
Emilio Quintero Payan, uncle of Rafael Caro Quintero is shot and killed by police during mysterious shootout with cops outside shopping center.

Mexico DF - November 22, 1986
An armed commando of several men and women storm a courthouse at Reclusorio Sur and tie up 20 people. With a grenade they blast a hole in the wall and free Mexico’s Public Enemy Number 1, infamous bank robber and kidnapper Alfredo Rios Galeana.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa - February 10, 2002
Ramon Arellano Felix, one of the Tijuana cartel’s leader’s car is stopped, is forced to kneel and shot to death execution style along with his companion by cops working for Sinaloa drug baron Ismael “el Mayo” Zambada. Arellano had been in Mazatlan to kill, precisely, Ismael Zambada.

Mexico City, DF - November 11, 1991
Gunmen attempting to murder “Lord of the Skies” Amado Carrillo Fuentes engage in shootout with his men at Bali’hai Japanese restaurant. 5 dead, Carrillo escapes unharmed along with wife and baby.

Iguala, Guerrero - September 2, 1992
Nine tortured and mutilated bodies found on the side of the highway that links Iguala to Mexico City. They were the bodies of relatives, doctors and lawyers of jailed Mafia godfather Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo , all murdered for retaliation by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera

Tijuana, Baja California - April 12, 1993
Two gunmen slay 6 people at their home, while watching TV. Assasins had been looking for drugs and killed family.

Ajuchitlan del Progreso, Guerrero - July 5, 1995
12 family members on their way home from an outing are stopped by armed men posing as cops on rural road, force them to lie face down and shoot them all in the head. A 14 yr old boy, sprayed by the blood of the person next to him and feigning death, runs into woods and escapes.

Acapulco, Guerrero - 1969
33 coconut farmers are massacred by gunmen in an ongoing feud between rival grower groups.

Guerrero State - July 7, 1995
6 Federal Judicial police officers are ambushed and killed on isolated road by at least 20 men hiding in the bushes.

Aquila, Michoacan - August 18, 2002
Police find nine bullet riddled bodies in a store room at Los Mendoza ranch in the sierra owned by drug dealer. Rival gang slaughtered everyone in the ranch, including the owner.

Nocupetaro, Michoacan - November 8, 2004
7 persons in 2 trucks are mistakenly shot to death, by drunk cops hiding in the side of the road, looking for drug dealers who had been blackmailing them.

Tala, Jalisco - January 1994
4 bodies of a family on a picnic are found tied to trees and brutally beaten to death with steel pipes.

Mexico City, DF - January 27, 1994
Sinaloan drug lord Baltazar Diaz Vega of “Se les pelo Baltazar” fame, battles it out with cops and is shot to death by police who had stopped his car.

Anahuac, Nuevo Leon - April 1, 2003
The bodies of 9 handcuffed and bullet riddled bodies are found stashed in two trucks left on isolated dirt roads. Some of the victims wore Judicial Police shirts.

Tlalixcoyan, Veracruz - November 14, 1991
Soldiers guarding a plane with tons of Colombian cocaine open fire on a PGR Attorney General’s plane carrying federal agents. Seven agents chased throughout the clandestine airstrip and summarily executed, one by one.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - March 25, 2005
About a dozen inmates take guards hostage and shoot it out with cops attempting to break out of the Centro de Readaptacion Social prison. 4 dead, 3 recaptured, 2 injured, 3 manage to flee

Tonala, Jalisco - August 1, 2005
Two fragmentation grenades are thrown into a crowd at a cockfight ring and explode killing four men and injuring more than 20 persons. Shots from AK-47 are fired in a fight between Sinaloa cartel members against the Valencia family from Michoacan.

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas - July 29, 2005
Rival drug traffickers engage in a massive shootout at a home in a exclusive neighborhood for half an hour. Shots and explosions from bazookas and grenades level part of the house and injure many gunmen who later flee.

Chilpancingo, Guerrero - December 31, 1960
13 persons dead, and 30 are injured as Guerrero State police open fire on a demonstration accusing Guerrero State Governor Caballero Aburto of corruption.

Mexico City - September 8, 1997
Elite police team tortures and kills 6 teenage thugs in Buenos Aires neighborhood. Bodies are later found on Ajusco mountain.

El Charapo, Michoacan - January 24, 2006
3 Police Officers killed, 2 injured in ambush on police convoy on rural road by gunmen hiding in the brush.

Vera Cruz - January 5, 2006
5 persons are killed in downtown Veracruz as their SUV is ambushed by several gunmen. Among the dead is the mayor of Ixtepec, Oaxaca and several cabinet members.

Acapulco, Guerrero - January 21, 2006
A car full of farmers and ranchers is ambushed by gunmen using AK-47s. Drug hit suspected, 3 dead, 2 injured.

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas - 2005
5 men are shot to death during a card game inside a auto shop. Mafia violence suspected in murders.

Acapulco, Guerrero - January 27, 2006
4 gunmen are shot to death in a shootout with AFI agents among them Beltran Leyva lieutenant .

La Mesa del Rodeo, Durango - January 31, 2006
2 Silverado trucks from Sinaloa are ambushed by dozens of gunmen hiding in the brush on a rural road that leads to Tamazula. Seven persons including a woman are killed and 3 injured.

Buenos Aires, Jalisco - November 20, 2005
4 men are found bound and shot to death face down in a field in apparent mafia hit.

Mazamitla, Jalisco - November 20, 2005
The decomposing bodies of 5 men are found stacked in the backseat of a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee parked on the side of a dirt road in an apparent mafia execution

San Cayetano de Pericos , Durango - February 13, 2006
5 men and a woman are killed in a bloody shootout between rival drug traffickers in the Sinaloa/Durango border region.

Near Culiacan, Sinaloa - April 11, 1971
12 die as Mexican soldiers clash with opium growers and drug traffickers in the sierra

Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Jalisco - May 29, 1996
Colombian hit team raids ranch and kills 5 drug traffickers that had stolen a load of cocaine from some member of the Colombian gang in Los Angeles.

Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Jalisco - March 19, 2006
AFI agents raid ranch and arrest 5 members of the Zeta gang. 5 badly decomposed bodies are also unearthed from a pit in the backyard. As many as 10 bodies could be buried there.

La Angostura, Sinaloa - December 2, 1990
Judicial Police tracking a drug plane from Colombia open fire on 3 trucks full of civilians mistaking them for drug traffickers. 6 persons are massacred, including 3 children. Some allege the victims were executed after pleading for their lives.

General Teran, Nuevo Leon - March, 2006
The bodies of 6 men, handcuffed, blindfolded and shot to death are found in the cab and bed of a pick up truck parked on the side of the Monterrey - Reynosa Highway. A Message inside the truck says “This is a message for the Gulf Cartel, compas traidores”

San Nicolas de los Ranchos, Nuevo Leon - May 15, 2006
Gunmen kill bouncers at a bar and enter the establishment, detonating 2 fragmentation grenades and spraying the patrons with AK-47 automatic fire. 4 dead, 25 injured in attack.

Mexico DF - May 9, 1970
A group of 10 friends, drunk and singing Mothers Day serenades to their mothers sing outside a wrong house, housed by drug dealers. Drug dealers attack the group and stab them all to death. Only one friend, feeling sad because he had no mother, survives by leaving the group before they headed to the wrong house.

Uruapan, Michoacan - September 6, 2006
20 armed gunmen storm Luz y Sombra bar and order patrons to the floor. They dump the severed heads of 5 men onto the dance floor and leaves a message that reads: “The family doesn’t kill for money. It doesn’t kill innocents nor women or children. It kills those who deserve to die. This is divine justice”.

Las Cosinas, mpio de Uruapan, Michoacan - September 8, 2006
Army and police find a narco graveyard in a field with the remains of 6 men, some naked, others tortured, bound and gagged.

Tamaulipas - Nuevo Leon border - September 8, 2006
Police find the bodies of 5 men, riddled with AK-47 bullets on the side of the Nuevo Laredo - Colombia Highway. One other man found badly injured and taken to a hospital.

Aguililla, Michoacan - November 2006
Gunmen ambush a police truck and kill 6 police officers. More than 600 rounds are found littered in the area

Reynosa, Tamaulipas - November 25, 2006
2 cars chase and ambush singer Valentin Elizalde, his driver and his manager and friend in their Suburban. 5 gunmen open fire after a concert at the Expo Feria de Reynosa. Valentin is shot 26 times, the others more than 15 times by Ak-47, AR-15 and 9 millimeter guns. His cousin Fausto Castro Elizalde is the only survivor, with a shot to the shoulder

Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon - November 30, 2006
Gulf Cartel gunmen ambush 3 cars at a shopping center, killing a Sinaloa cartel lieutenant and 3 of his men. A passing woman is also killed in the crossfire.

Cerro el Tule, outside Culiacan, Sinaloa - August 23, 1982
Authorities find a clandestine narco dumping ground. 20 tortured and bound bodies are unearthed from pits, used by drug traffickers to dump bodies.

Acapulco, Guerrero - August 21, 1967
A fierce gun battle between rival factions of Copra growers kills 23 and wounds more than 100.

Linares, Nuevo Leon - June 14, 1959
Troops battle the police for 3 hours in fierce shootout after Subteniente killed at a bar.

Uruapan, Michoacan - January 5, 2007
Nine bodies including one woman are found, tortured, bound, gagged and blindfolded and shot in the head in a clandestine burial pit used by drug gangs for their victims.

La Purisima de Bustos, Guanajuato - 2002
A construction company building houses finds more than 20 skeletons buried in a field. They are believed to be victims of the infamous Gonzalez Valenzuela sisters, Maria de Jesus and Delfina, las Poquianchis who killed more than 91 in nearby San Francisco del Rincon.

Ometepec, Guerrero - December 29, 2006
5 masked gunmen burst into the patio of a house during a wedding, and open fire on the guests, killing 7 and injuring several.

Chihuahua- February 13, 1993
5 marijuana sellers are shot and killed at a rural train station by buyers who wanted to avoid paying in village an hour away from Los Mochis.

Near Colotlan, Jalisco - July 23, 1992
More than five bodies are found buried in a shallow grave at Sinaloan drug lord Juan Jose Quintero Payan’s ranch, El Zapotillo.

Near Jilotlan, Jalisco - December 28, 1992
A group of seven drug traffickers ambush and kill four Judicial Police federal agents who had been blackmailing them. Intense manhunt to catch them launched by the police in the Sierra de Mascota mountains

Tepic, Nayarit, August 14, 1992
Unknown gunmen ambush a family riding in a pickup truck on a rural road, killing 10 persons and injuring 3

Acapulco, Guerrero - February 10, 1993
24 members of the Pena family riding in two pick up trucks, returning home from a funeral are ambushed and killed by more than 50 gunmen from the Garcia family in a long running clan feud.

Las Garzas, Guerrero - September 23, 1995
7 police officers are killed as their truck is ambushed on a rural road.

Cananea, Sonora - May 15, 2007
A convoy of 20 trucks and 40 armed men take over town and kidnap several cops and civilians, executing 5 cops and killing 2 businessmen.

Arizpe, Sonora - May 16, 2007
Federal police and the army hunt down the commando responsible for the massacre in Cananea and engage in a 3 hour shootout in the mountains that leaves 17 gunmen dead, along with 5 cops.

Alamillos, Sinaloa de Levya, Sinaloa - June 2, 2007
An armed group of 15 men attack villagers in this remote mountain village near the Chihuahua border, executing 8 persons and wounding 3.

Atoyac de Alvarez, Guerrero - August 31, 2007
Gunmen ambush a car full of people, killing a soldier and 4 family members and injuring 3.

Mc Allen, Texas - February 4, 2005
Ex Top Federal Comandante, Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni is shot in the head in his car by a sniper after a court meeting in the US.

Ciudad Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas - November 25, 2007
Ex Mayor, his brother, 2 bodyguards and 2 aides are shot to death with AK-47’s outside a café by a mafia hit squad.

Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco - August 1, 2008
6 members of a family are found shot to death and shrouded with blankets. They live in the Secretary of Agriculture Alberto Cardenas former home and are friends of his.

Guamuchil, Sinaloa - July 23, 2008
Gunmen chasing their target thru Bulevar Rosales lose their prey due to 4 cars stopped at a red light. The gunmen spray the four cars with bullets from AK-47 in anger, killing 8 persons.

Culiacan, Sinaloa - July 2008
9 workers and customers are shot to death by an armed commando of 15 men at a auto repair shop in a gangland hit.

Guadalajara, Jalisco - March 14, 2008
6 attorneys are bound, gagged and executed in a private law firm in what authorities call a mafia hit. The firm handled various narco cases, including the son of Chapo Guzman, Ivan Guzman Salazar.

Bosque La Marquesa, Mexico - September 12, 2008
The tortured, bound and blindfolded bodies of 24 men are found dumped in a grassy field near La Marquesa National Park.

Tijuana, Baja California - September 29, 2008
11 men and 1 woman are found tied, blindfolded and shot to death in a field in front of a elementary school.

Creel, Chihuahua - August 2008
20 armed gunmen open fire with automatic rifles at a crowd exiting a quinceanera party at a dance hall. 13 persons are killed, a dozen injured.

Chihuahua - August, 2008
8 persons are shot to death by mafia gunmen at a ranch.

Ciudad de Chihuahua - October 2008
A dozen armed gunmen storm Bar Las Rosas and slaughter the patrons. 11 persons are shot to death in the massacre.

Acapulco, Guerrero - June 6, 2009
A violent shootout and 50 grenade explosions rock Old Acapulco. Mafia gunmen holed up in a house shoot it out with the Mexican Army. 16 gunmen and 2 soldiers are killed.

Navolato, Sinaloa - August 30, 2009
Eight youths, six male and two women, are shot to death during a street party on bulevar palmeras by armed men wielding assault rifles. Rivalries between gangs of car thieves suspected.

Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco - February 16, 2009
Seven customers at a new restaurant are shot to death the night of the inauguration by mafia hit men.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - September 2, 2009
17 drug addicts are massacred and piled at the entrance of a rehab clinic by mafia gunmen.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua September 16, 2009
10 recovering drug addicts are slaughtered by a mafia hit team at a rehab clinic

Mexico City - September 18, 2009
An agronomist from Jalisco, writing Anti Government graffiti at the Balderas Subway station is halted by a police officer. Luis Hernandez shoots and kills the cop and a bystander who attemped to tackle him. 2 are killed and 10 injured during his shooting rampage

Tequila, Jalisco - July 23, 2009
Six Jalisco State Attorney General's Office investigators are shot to death while they eat at a roadside restaurant near the town entrance.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - January 30, 2010
In a crime that shocked the nation, 12 armed gunmen storm 3 houses and attack a teenage birthday party, slaughtering 16 teens, all high school and college students.

Torreon, Coahuila - January 30, 2010
10 patrons are shot to death by gunmen that open fire at a nightclub.